Times they are a changing

Last year was a year of change. I finished my degree, moved to Glasgow from Aberdeen and got a job straight out of uni which I was the last one to expect! I also moved in with my man-friend, Ian, who tries to save lives as a day job and in his downtime is a professional pain in my ass. Our little family was blessed with the arrival of Khal Drogo, or Drogo to his friends, who is the cutest little hamster with the biggest balls that you have ever seen on a rodent. Like seriously they are massive.

A big part of last year was also finding a hobby… Well hobbies. Being in Glasgow and not really knowing anyone was tricky, I won’t lie. So I was proactive and instead of sulking and crying about not having any friends (don’t get me wrong I still made some time for it) I decided to have lots and lots of me time.

I have always loved painting my nails. My friends credits me with teaching her how to paint her nails properly when we were 14. So on the days that Ian was working, before I started my job, I would paint my nails. Then do them again and again until they turned yellow from the lack of sunlight. I took photos of each design and I hope to upload them to here at some point.

My job can be quite creative at times and this inspired me to start “Amy’s Homemade Christmas.” I took it upon myself to make lots of different crafty things for decorations and presents. I also hope to add these things to this blog because I am awfully proud of them!

I have rattled on quite a bit but hopefully after reading this you sort of understand where I am coming from. So check back regularly, bookmark me, tweet me @AmyBerry_ whatever! I will reply to everyone, espesh trolls


I know, I know but I have a penchant for confrontation.

Oh I also play World of Warcraft mainly as a level 86 Worgen Death Knight. Yes, that’s right I am a Warcrafting-Crafter. And probably not the first. Or the last.



Published by boldlygold

I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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