Collective Haul

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a haul post or video, but that does not mean that I’ve been on a shopping ban – far from it actually! I was pretty pleased with some of my recent purchases so I decided I would group them into one big collective haul, so here we go!

Bracelet - £5.60 Earrings - £2.90 Dress - £21.75
Bracelet – £5.60 Earrings – £2.90 Dress – £21.75

I went into Glasgow to meet my mum and cousin a few weeks ago and we popped into Forever 21. I picked up this pretty bold dress which I thought would be a classy addition to my ever expanding wardrobe! I love the thick black and white stripes but it was missing something… Neon pink accents! I grabbed these geometric earrings and a chunky gold bracelet to go along with it and now I’m on the hunt for some neon pink sandals! I imagine that this will be my outfit for my birthday dinner with the lad.

25p each!! Total bargain!
25p each!! Total bargain!

I ventured into my local charity shop last Saturday to find out if they were accepting donations and I spied these beautiful glasses in the window which I knew would be perfect in the new house! I want to pop some candlewax in them and use them as a decorative feature in my vintage spare room. How beautiful are they and I bought all 3 of them for 75p! Total bargain!

£4 for the set
£4 for the set

Next up is a TK Maxx find also destined for the new house! I spotted this set of 4 embroidered napkins in the clearance section for £4 and I plan on making a couple of throw cushions out of them for the living room 🙂 Ian’s being a lovely boy and buying me a sewing machine for my birthday so this will be one of the first projects that I tackle!

On The Spot Foundation (Porcelain) £6.99 Instant Glow Bronzer – £5.49 Revlon Lip Butter (Strawberry Shortcake) £7.99

Finally, I bought some new make up! I ran out of foundation so whilst in boots picked up one by Seventeen. I would never normally but this brand but this particular product, On The Spot Foundation, caught my eye due to its bold spot fighting claims. Turns out I really like it! The colour range is a bit limited though so I had to get it in Porcelain which is too light. I’ve been wearing it mixed with an RMK sample which I got in my July Birchbox as it’s a touch too dark, and together they give me a nice even shade which is a close match to my actual skin tone! I also picked up a bronzer from the Seventeen range at the same time and this is great for everyday wear, although still not as good as my favourite bronzer by Ted Baker. Finally, I caved and jumped on the Revlon Lip Butter Bandwagon and I couldn’t be happier! This is by far the nicest shade of baby pink that I’ve come across in a long time. The formula is wonderful and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I bought it. Win.

Have you done some shopping recently and care to share? Leave a comment below or a link to your own haul post!


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    1. I know I am totally in love with them! They still have the typical charity shop smell but I’m sure it’s nothing a good soak in Fairy Liquid won’t take care of! x

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