The Moving Series: Building A Timeling

We are T-4 weeks until moving day!! The Fear has officially sunk in. Fortunately, I’m able to take a few days off word for the actual move so we won’t have to cram everything in over the course of a single weekend. Still, the thought of this gives me heart palpitations, so in an effort to make this move run as smoothly as possible I will be working to a pretty strict timeline.

I love my to-do lists (there is a designated section for them in my Filofax), so a timeline is just an extension of this system. I hope to accomplish certain things at different points throughout the 4 weeks we have until the move. I will try to stick to it as much as I can, but I know that life can get in the way so it will be a little bit flexible too! I was trying to think of a way that I could design this timeline and I came up with using a simply using an excel document. I made a list of everything that I need to accomplish in this time and then divided everything between the remaining weeks. Obviously the psycho in me had to colour-code them but hey ho! I’ve even printed out a copy and stuck it to the wall with white tack – the renter’s best friend, and I have a copy saved on my phone so it’s handy any time 🙂

Yeah, I know I’m mental

This system lets me add things to it easily and also rearrange tasks if I think one particular week looks unmanageable. I have to say, I’m really chuffed with how this turned out! Not only does it keep my sanity in check, but it lets Ian see the things which he can be getting on with. He has been such a trooper with this whole thing! He knows that I will have an absolute meltdown if I can’t plan things the way I think is best and he is happy to let me do this as he sucks at organising!

So here are some of the things which need to happen before the move:

  • Pack Spare Room
  • Clean out hallway cupboard
  • Pack baking supplies
  • Get rid of DVD cases
  • Bookcase Clear Out
  • Pair down Amy’s wardrobe
  • Pair down Ian’s wardrobe
  • Reassemble table
  • Wall touch ups
  • Clear out Kitchen drawer
  • Clean Sofa
  • Pick up boxes from Dad
  • Move bed back
  • Pack candles and soft furnishings

Now this is just SOME of the things on my list, but as you can see they are colour-coded depending on which category they fall into:  Green for packing, orange for admin and paperwork, yellow for organising, blue for DIY stuff, and pink for repairs. Clear and simple, right?

Spreadsheets totally keep my life in order so this is the best way for me to organise myself for this move. Do you have any other tips and tricks? If you found this post useful or if you have your own organising techniques for a big move then let me know in the comments section!


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