DIY Magnetic Make Up Board


I am really excited about this post because it means that I am finally getting something that I have been dreaming of for years – a dedicated make up room!

Well… When I say room I really mean cupboard. It’s totally fine though as I happen to like confined spaces 🙂

In our new house, the master bedroom has both a wardrobe and a cupboard so the minute I seen it I slapped a big “AMY’S SPACE” sticker over it and Ian was none the wiser. I have so many scrummy plans for the space and I will no doubt share them with you all as they come to fruition!

In the meantime I’m doing this nifty little DIY which I spied on Pinterest (I know you’re shocked). It’s simply a DIY MAGNETIC MAKE UP BOARD – a fun and different way to store make up! Here’s how I did it.



  • Magnetic Whiteboard (You can go all fancy and buy some sheet metal if you like but I spotted this magnetic whiteboard in my local Hobbycraft for £3.49 and it’s absolutely perfect for this project).
  • Some form of fabric. I’m using this rather lovely oil table cloth which I’ve cut down to size. I decided to use this as it will be easy to clean!
  • Spray Glue
  • Hot Glue + Gun
  • Paint + Paintbrush
  • Magnets
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Surface (I used this handy self-healing matt from Ebay)
  • Ruler



Paint the frame of the whiteboard with a complimentary colour to the fabric. I decided on a nice bright white

Cut your fabric to size and stick it with spray glue to your whiteboard surface. The size of my whiteboard is 30cmx40cm so I measured this out and cut it with my rotary cutter. You can of course use scissors but I’ve found you get a much straighter edge this way.

Take all of the make-up you want to have on the board and see how it will fit. I decided that I wanted my eyeshadows and palettes on there but you could use it for just about anything. Take your magnets and hot glue them to your products. Some products may need more than one magnet so bare this in mind. I bought my magnets from Amazon and they are SUPER strong so even the biggest and heaviest palette on here only needed 4.

Once everything is dry, arrange your make up on the board and you’re good to go! So simple and so chique!


Oh and I’f you’re wondering what to do when one of your products runs out and you want to save the magnet whilst throwing the empty away? Then use this Instructable to remove the glue from the magnet. Long story short, use Isopropyl Alcohol 😉


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I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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    1. It was honestly so easy to make too! I’m too excited about my make up closet haha! I’ve dreamed about it for a loooooong time 🙂

  1. That is so neat! I love the polka dot background. Ahah, I was just wondering what to do with the empty makeup palettes and stuff – nice that you included the tip 😉

    Found you through That’s My Style link party. Following on BL. Hope you’ll swing by my blog 🙂

    xx Del

  2. Your make up board turned out so cute! It saves space on the counter and serves as decor! I’m visiting from Create It Thursday (#16 Pumpkin Crock Pot Oatmeal and 20 How To Create An Open Concept Feel) Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I stopped by your Open Concept Feel easlier but forgot to leave a comment to say how well it turned out!

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