The Moving Series: Cleaning House and Box Organising

I can’t believe that there’s only 1 week left until moving day! In this instalment of The Moving Series I will be chatting about cleaning and organising boxes… Don’t all rush at once now!

It’s really crap but it’s a general requirement of all renting contracts that you leave your property in move-in condition. This means that it has to be clean and all the furniture should be present and correct. You could save yourself a lot of hassle and hire professional cleaners, but I’m cheap so we will be doing it ourselves. To make sure we don’t miss anything, I’ve made a cleaning checklist for each room and I’m more than happy to share it with you! It’s obviously common sense but I always like having a list to remind me of things when I’m stressed.

cleaning checklist

Along with cleaning we will need to put all of the furniture back in its original place. We did move a lot of stuff around in the beginning to make the flat more functional for us. This also included dismantling an UGLY table and sending a double bed to live at my mum’s house for a bit. I have many allen keys at the ready and I’m prepared for my nails not to survive.

When we moved in the beds came with duvets, covers and pillows which were heavily used. The first thing I did was chuck everything out and used my own things! Who wants to sleep in a stranger’s sheets? In hindsight I should maybe have kept them, but space was a bit of an issue and the thought of that stuff living in a cupboard gives me the heebs. So now I have to replace 2 sets of bedding, 4 pillows (2 for each bed) and 2 duvet covers. We have a less expensive cover that we will just leave there and I picked up a set for £7.99 a while ago so that will be staying too! B&M Homestores have very inexpensive duvets so I picked up one of them with the plan of leaving our own one in the flat too. This just leaves pillows! Right now our bed has 6 full-sized pillows on it (excessive, I know) so I’m going to leave 4 of the less fluffy ones behind and thanks to an amazing Groupon deal I bought replacements for £16.99!

Finally onto organising boxes! To make our move a little bit less stressful I’ve devised a colour-coded system to organise packed boxes. Each box will have a piece of coloured tape on it and each room in the new house will be allocated a colour. Then on moving day it’s simply a case of matching up the boxes to the rooms! I hope that this will avoid random boxes cluttering up space in the hallway.


So that’s it for this week! I will be back next Friday with the penultimate edition of The Moving Series, until then happy moving!!


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