Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

20130924-134716.jpgI received my first set of Ojon products about 5 years ago and I have used them on and off ever since. One of my favourite products, and one that has lasted me the longest, is the Restorative Hair Treatment so I thought I would do a review! It was actually my Grandma who brought me round to this brand. Both her and my Grandad use the shampoo, conditioner and styling products religiously and I can neither confirm nor deny that my Grandad still has a full head of thick hair at 72 thanks to Ojon.

From the ages of 18 to 20 I had white hair. No, I didn’t go grey at an early age. It was my choice to bleach my hair so vigorously that it turned a cloudy white colour. In the process of doing this is caused lasting damage to my hair, only reparable by toning it down and letting it grow out completely. It’s been 3 years since I switched to a more natural shade and it has taken this whole time for me to get back to having healthy locks. This may seem like a crazy long time, but I think it would have been even longer without using the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment.

I will warn you – this stuff STINKS! It’s a really odd burnt-woody smell which is really unpleasant and I’m sure that if it didn’t work so very well I would have given up on this a long time ago. I suppose you can take that as a testament as to its powers! It’s also quite a strange product to use. It comes as a solid mass in a tub with a small wooden comb. You use the comb to scoop out a small amount and warm it between your hands. This waxy stuff melts and then you rub it into your hair. I find it best to leave it on overnight to do its magic but I’m sure if you have a spare few hours during the day it would work just as well. I will also suggest that you should lay a towel over your pillow and use an old pillowcase as the smell can penetrate your pillow if you don’t take these precautions.

I bet you’re thinking that this is too much of a hassle, right? Well it is, sort of, if you don’t need to invest time to save your hair. I did and I’m so glad I found this product. Before my hair was like bubble gum – you could honestly pull it apart with your hands and clumps would fall out night and day. Now, I have hair which is 8 inches longer, strong and healthy. I can’t recommend this product enough!


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