Invisibobble Review

I seem to have recently acquired a sh*t tonne of hair on my head. I don’t know where it all came from but it’s very unmanageable and I’m ashamed to say that I regularly find hidden treasures in it throughout the day. Hair ties have become my saviour, but not only is my mop unmanageable it is also snag-central. The minute it get’s a peek at a blowing tree it’s awash with tangles. It even manages to tangle itself whilst in a high pony!?! So, you can’t imagine my delight when my wonderful and thoughtful mother picked these funny little bobbles up at her hairdressers.


They make some pretty bold claims about not getting tangled in your hair when you go to pull them out. Does it work? Why, yes it does! I can easily pull these out without even the hint of a snag. Wonderful.


You may be wondering why they are shaped like a telephone cord? Well I am told that this prevents that odd kink developing in your hair. You know the one that’s so very 90’s – pre GHD’s. I like to be able to put my hair up and down without fearing the bobble-bump as I’ve come to call it. The Invisibobble’s corded structure maintains an uneven pressure on the hair follicles whilst remaining tight – leaving you bobble-bump free!


They are suitable for all types of hair! I have very thick, very straight hair but I’ve heard that they also work wonders on the curliest of curls. A pack of 3 is only £3.99 available on Amazon. It may seem a lot for a few bobbles but I think they are totally worth it! I will be purchasing the brown version to tie in more with my hair colour – the yellow’s just not doing it for me.

So, what do you think? Is this something that you would try?




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  1. Ooh, these are interesting! Definitely tempted to buy some… My curls all get flattened at night, so these bobbles could help to keep it all up and out of the way whilst I sleep! xD

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