DIY Chevron Side Tables

DIY Chevron Side Tables

Hey kids! I finally managed to do something that has been on my wish list for ages – I painted my first piece of furniture!

I like to think that I’m pretty crafty so I’ve been itching to make-over something in my home. A while back I bought 2 side tables on Gumtree for £10. They’re not the best quality but I figured that they would be perfect for my first project as I wasn’t too bothered about ruining them!

Since we moved in I’ve been using them in my craft room, stacked up, as a storage unit for my sewing supplies. I really like the set-up but the whole thing was missing a little something. That something was chevrons.

With my design in mind I bought my supplies: Paint, sandpaper and a dustsheet. Instead of buying a full can of paint I picked up a few little sample pots of Dulux and these worked out great! I highly recommend using these if you’re doing a small project. They even come with their own brushes! I used the colours Chic Shadow and Wellbeing.

DIY Chevron Tables Tutorial


  1. Sand down the surface to be painted with regular sandpaper and then give it a good wipe to get rid of any dust.
  2. I painted 2 coats of the grey colour as a base and waited for it to completely dry.
  3. Draw a grid lightly in pencil to create the chevron pattern. My tables were 40cm2 so I had 5 rows and 5 columns with 8cm2 boxes. Then, draw a line through each square in opposing directions to make your zigzags. When this is done for each square cut your masking tape into sections and tape off every 2nd ‘zag.’
  4. Press down firmly on all of the tape to ensure good lines. Then get out your 2nd colour of paint (mine was Wellbeing by Dulux) and then paint your ‘zigs’ making sure to get into all of the corners. For full coverage I would go for 2 coats again.
  5. While the paint is still wet remove the masking tape. Then leave your paint to dry completely and rub out the extra lines from your grid* (More on this below)
  6. Once the paint is dry apply a clear gloss top coat. I used a spray version by Rustoleum because I’m impatient but for a more profesh finish you could use the real deal i.e gloss from a can and a brush/roller.

There you have it, some nifty chevron print side tables! I am really pleased with how they’ve turned out 🙂 I was initially worried about the legs as they are a weird plastic which doesn’t take kindly to paint. Now that it’s finished I kind of like how the legs compliment the lighter grey of the table top. Now here’s the money shot – the before and after:

DIY Chevron Tables before and after

*In the spirit of full disclosure I want to tell you about the problems I encountered with this makeover. There was really only 1 – pencil marks. I thought they would be easy to rub out but apparently not! I ended up covering them with more grey paint which wasn’t too big of an issue, but still a pain.

Here they are doing a great job of storing my sewing kit and machine in my craft room! I can’t wait to get this room finished and organised so I can show you guys!


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