DIY Vanity Desk Makeover

Happy Monday guys! I usually deplore a Monday but today is different because I get to share with you the beginnings of a super-awesome-kick-ass DIY project! As you may know I have this odd cupboard little in my bedroom and when we moved in we I decided that it would make a great vanity closet! So, I set about the task of transforming the space and I’m nearly done! There will be more on that in a later post but today I am sharing the star of the show – the desk.

20131014-143146.jpgTo say this desk was a bit of an ordeal is an understatement. I had a very limited budget for this whole shebang so I went bargain hunting and I came across the Laiva desk from Ikea! I got it on for an AMAZING £10 and it fits the cupboard pretty well. Here is a stock image taken from the Ikea website:

Lavia Desk £10 Ikea
Lavia Desk £10 Ikea

Although it fits the bill perfectly in terms of size and price, it still looks pretty dull and not glamorous enough for my beauty cupboard! So, out came the spray paint 🙂 This is when things started to go horribly wrong. It was the first time that I’ve spray-painted a piece of furniture, and believe me it’s not as easy as it looks! I’ve definitely learned a few things and know not to make the same mistakes again, so I thought I would share them with you! Here are a few things that I’ve learned…

  1. SAND THE DESK – This first step went as well as can be expected but I got too excited about painting and rushed this crucial process. In truth, I should have sanded the whole thing hours before I was ready to paint, finding a comfortable position to take my time with it. Not hunkered down in my back garden trying not to fall over.
  2. USE A PRIMER – I’m ashamed to say that I totally skipped this step. DIY Gods smite me if you will! I thought I could get away without using a primer as my desk was already a light colour – rookie mistake. Apparently the paint goes on much more evenly when using a primer and I will religiously abide to this for all future projects.
  3. IF DOING MULTIPLE COATS, COMPLETE THEM WITHIN THE TIME CONSTRAINTS STATED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS – This is another thing I struggled with because a) I didn’t read the instructions properly until halfway through my 1st coat and b) it was threatening to rain. This caused me to rush the coats and I didn’t leave the right amount of drying time between them.
  4. SPRAY IN EVEN LINES – Yeah, I totally failed at this too. It started out so well – I was spraying even lines left, right and centre! Then when I realised that I would need at least 3 coats (DUH, PRIMER) I got bored and just went AWOL with the paint. I now have some lovely drips marks to remember this failure by.

I did make a bit of a pigs ear of the whole thing but because this desk is destined for a cupboard, it doesn’t matter too much! Also the fact that it was only £10 doesn’t hurt either – it’s not as if I’ve ruined an antique. It looks pretty good in my cupboard I’m pleased to report and I also had the foresight to buy a glass desktop to protect it from my grubby, make-up laden fingers. I imagine that it won’t stay simply white for very long as I see a nifty bit of stencilling in this desk’s future, but that’s another DIY disaster for another day.



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  1. That is really cute – it is amazing what a difference a coat of paint makes.

    I am working on repainting some old furniture, and I am really enjoying chalk paint – the texture is really nice, and it goes on well without primer (on most surfaces). I am going to try to make my own the for my next project.

  2. I love how your desk turned out! White is such a clean, simple color. I have a dresser that I painted white and I love how it brightens up the room! Great job!

    Alex –

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