Linen Cupboard Organisation

This house is very slowly coming together! I still feel like there is a permanent mess all around me but I did manage to finish one organising project – the linen cupboard!


When we first moved in I knew that this linen cupboard would have to have several functions. Firstly, it would have to store all of our clean sheets and towels as well as the washing basket. We have very limited space in the bathroom for storing products so the linen cupboard has to accommodate for these things too. Also, this was the only space that I could think of for stashing my horde of beauty products and candles! It’s a big task, but I think we’re up to it.

This is what I started with… Not too bad right? Well, let me tell you it was so not functional and each morning Ian and I would stand staring into the cupboard searching for something or another. So I got my label maker out and got to organizing!

First thing I did was to replace the old shelves which were all bent and warped. I went to my local B&Q and got the lovely assistant to cut the wood to my correct measurements, It was really easy and really inexpensive! Once my base was ready I was good to stick my organising hat on.


To start things off I re-purposed 2 old plastic drawer units which used to hold my hair appliances. I figured out which categories I would need and assigned a drawer to each. The first stack of drawers holds our travel size products (Birchbox samples), extra bathroom products and Ian’s aftershaves. The 2nd set holds extra stuff for our teeth (toothpaste, brushes & floss), extra baby wipes and cottons, and all of the other crap like my tanning supplies and make-up brush cleaning kit.


This alone has honestly made such a difference! Every time I see this I get a small thrill at all of the labels 🙂 I simply stacked these units on top of each other and they sit on the floor inside the cupboard! On top of this unit I have a tiny plastic drawer set which holds all of our medicines in packets.


The top drawer is for painkillers, the 2nd for cold and hayfeaver tablets and the 3rd is for specialist medication that we have. IT’S ALL SO FUNCTIONAL! Now onto the shelves!


The top shelf is obviously the least accessible so that’s where I have stored all of our least-used items. Right up in the corner is where I keep beach towels, bikinis and other beach stuff like Ian’s snorkel (you should see my face as I type this). Along from that is where I keep all of our bedding sets!

On the shelf below there are 3 baskets which I bought from B&M homestores for a couple of pounds! The one on the left is for extra vases -who am I right now! Next to that I have a basket for my candle hoard, and then the last basket is full of other medicines, bandages and all of the other things that you would find in a chemist. I could easily fit another 2 baskets on this shelf for other crap that I might need to store in there one day and this excites me greatly.

The bottom shelf holds all of our towels (the old ones which don’t match are at the end so you can’t see them – I never said I was sane). Right at the other end of the shelf is my favourite part – 2 metal baskets (one for Ian and one for me) which hold our everyday toiletries like deodorant, shaving foam and body lotion. I’ve had this whole system in place for a month now and it’s made such a difference. Everything has a place and it’s so easy to put everything away!

Short Guy Problems

Finally, the bottom of the cupboard houses our washing basket and a small folding stool to combat my shortness 🙂 I love this whole system because it’s so functional for us. Everything has a place and things are super-dooper easy to put away which means no unnecessary mess! It’s amazing what an organised cupboard can do for the soul.



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  1. It looks awesome! It feels so good to be organized!! Thanks for sharing at the wowza weekend link party!

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