Christmas Countdown: DIY Santa Advent Calendar

This post is part of my Countdown to Christmas Series and you can read the previous post here.


One of the best things about Christmas for me is the lead up and a key component of this is obviously the Advent Calendar. I challenge you to find something more satisfying than knowing that you will get a piece of chocolate each morning for 24 days. Last year I went a tad over the top with our Advent calendar and made my own! Here he is in all his glory


Magnificent, isn’t he? Yes he is THAT big but you know, Go Hard or Go Home… There is actually a bit of drama attached to this fellow. When I was making him last year I managed to BREAK MY HAND gluing all of the pockets on. That’s right, I broke my hand squeezing a tube of glue. You can only imagine the looks I received in A&E when I went to them with that tale. After a string of x-rays, cue me sporting a flesh-coloured harness over the festive period. I still feel a slight twinge there when I think about him. He truly is a labour of love.

Apart from the trauma that I endured, he was actually quite easy to put together! You’ll notice that this isn’t really a tutorial as he was created before my blogging days, so just use your imagination and I’ll walk you through it.

I started off with a strip of cardboard and some A4 sheets of red felt. It’s very much a case of cutting and gluing if I’m honest lads and you can pretty much see for yourself what’s what. His face is a circle of pink foam with other foam bits and pieces for the details. His beard is white felt and the pockets are rounded rectangles of red felt. I used some gold glitter glue for the numbers on each pocket. That’s the jist of is so get yourself some glue and get to work. I will place a disclosure here and state that if you injure yourself whilst making this jolly fellow I am not to blame. I will recommend that you use a hot glue gun to avoid scapula fractures.


Having avoided injury, you should end up with a DIY Santa Advent Calendar for all to enjoy. I’ve found that my pockets comfortably fit 4 advent chocolates apiece (yes there are only 2 of us in the house but I strongly believe that Christmas is about pure excess and gluttony – SEND ME TO THE FIERY DEPTHS IF YOU WILL). Merry Christmas Folks!


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