Christmas Countdown: Christmas Decor Tour

This post is part of my Christmas Countdown series and you can read the previous post here
Christmas Home Tour with Boldly Gold

I know I’ve been a bit heavy on the Christmas decorating posts but I couldn’t resist pulling them all together in one place! It’s gonna be a long, picture-heavy post so I hope you’re settled with a cup of something hot! Let me show you inside my very own winter wonderland 🙂

Before you even step into my house you are greeted by my DIY Burlap Wreath!

Burlap wreath

The first stop is the dining room and obviously my Christmas Tree has pride of place right next to the window. If you haven’t already guessed my decorating theme is a very traditional red and gold!

Christmas Tree

Under the tree is, unsurprisingly, a tree skirt which I made at my quilting class 🙂 This was a really easy thing to make, even for a total beginner!

Tree Skirt

I have a very Christmassy table-runner on the dining room table which is another trial from my quilting class! I can’t tell you how proud I am of it and even though it’s a bit wonky, I totally love it!

Table Runner

I must confess that both the table runner and tree skirt arn’t exactly finished… Who knew that quilting is a very time-consuming (and money-consuming) hobby! I had to include them in the post for posterity 🙂

Into the living room I have my DIY Christmas Cushions on each couch, along a singing Santa baby! Too. Cute.

Christmas Cushions

On top of the fire place I have a beautiful garland which I think belongs to my mum (sorry), some more Christmas friends and our stockings which I made last year…


Yes there’s one for the hamster.

Ian ironing in the background, where he belongs.

Over by the window I have a cute ornament hanging out on the curtain pole…


In the far corner of the living room I have our 2nd tree set up! This one is a fibre optic affair and it’s sole purpose is allowing me to say that I have 2 Christmas trees.

xmas tree 2

Working our way around the living room, I have our DIY Advent Calendar hung on the wall, and no Christmas would be complete without a Poinsettia!



Nearing the end now, I promise!

Handing over the arch I have last year’s Christmas garland from Marks & Sparks… sorry for the terrible quality of the picture.

let it snow

And finally, I strung up some beads along my bannister! I had planned to go out and buy a proper garland but Ian put the kibosh on that one! Regardless, I love it so very much although no one is allowed to touch the bannister while it’s in place #safetyhazzard.


So there it is! A complete tour of my Christmas décor 🙂 I’ve been waiting to publish this post for DAYS now and I get so excited every time I look at it! It’s things like this that get my motor running.

If you have any Christmas décor tours to share then I would love to have a peek! Just leave a link in the comments section.


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