Christmas Countdown: Christmas Traditions

Today I want to talk about Christmas traditions.


Christmas is kind of a big deal in my family. Not only do we go over the top with presents, we have a huge Christmas Day meal and also a HUGE Boxing Day meal. Our houses are kitted out with twinkly lights and massive Christmas trees, and it has been said that it’s not officially Christmas until the outdoor lights at the Gold’s have been turned on. That may seem like a bit of a hoopla to some of you, but in my family that’s just what Christmas is all about.

It may seem shallow to some, and others may say that we have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. The truth is we are in no way a religious family. We don’t go to Church on Christmas morning and you will never find a Nativity scene anywhere in our piles of decorations. This is not to say that I judge others for doing these things. The point I’m trying to make that in this ever-changing age I believe that the nature of a ‘traditional’ Christmas is a bit outdated.

So why am I getting all deep and real with you guys? Well the other night I stumbled upon a blog post which kinda irritated me. I won’t go into too much detail but the jist was that it was morally wrong to have a materialistic Christmas. They argued that Christmas should be a frugal affair for EVERYONE so as to not make others feel bad. They called for the banning of gifts, the burning of trees and basically anyone caught bulk-buying selection boxes should be shot on sight.

We live in a world full of different cultures and belief systems, so does celebrating Christmas have to mean adopting something you might not believe in too? Christmas for me means spending time with my friends and family. Yes we give gifts and feast on enough food to feed a small army but that’s our tradition. There’s always an argument or two, but it never lasts because we love one another. So really this is my rebuttal to that blogger who will remain anonymous. I don’t grudge your argument but I reject your premise.

I believe that Christmas is now what you make it. Do what makes you happy and have a celebration which you won’t regret come January. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a mince pie or a box. Equally if you feel you need to tighten the purse strings there are a thousand different ways to cut down costs at Christmas without sacrificing too much. What I’m trying to say is JUST DO YOU.

On that note, I would love to hear about some of your festive traditions in the comments down below. Is there a certain aspect which just ‘makes’ Christmas for you? Do you have any quirky traditions which are specific to your family? If you care to share I would love to hear all about them… here are some of my own…

  • Even though we live together, my boyfriend and I go our separate ways on Christmas day. We wake up in our house EARLY on Christmas morning, exchange gifts, and then I jump in the car and I dive off to my parent’s house and he does the same.
  • I arrive at my parent’s house still in my pyjamas and no one is allowed to open a single gift until I get there
  • My dad is the designated wrapping paper collector
  • For Christmas dinner, the whole family shares a turkey and I have my very own joint of roast beef (I told you we do it big)
  • Also food related – My Nana makes me a separate portion of chipolata sausages which ARE NOT wrapped in bacon.
  • Between the main meal and pudding we exchange secret Santa gifts at the dinner table.

It’s these little things which make Christmas perfect to me.


Merry Christmas from Boldly Gold



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  1. I don’t think we really have any traditions that really stand out as different.
    We always open a present up on Christmas Eve, and it’s pyjamas. Always get a satsuma in our stockings. Yeah, that’s about it! I do always have ‘pigs’ though, whilst everyone else has ‘pigs in blankets’ 😉

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