Handy Tip 103: How To Store Christmas Lights

how to store christmas lights

Christmas officially ended in the Bold household last weekend. The tree came down, all of the decorations were packed up and now my loft is bursting to the seams with Christmas cheer. I absolutely hate de-Christmassing my house but this year my mood was especially bad because once all of the red and gold goodness way away, I realised how bare and stark my house is! SOS send Laurence Llewellyn Bowen stat with some drapes and scatter cushions!

Décor disasters aside, as I was taking my Christmas tree down I happened upon a great way to store those annoying lights! All it takes is a piece of cardboard, some scissors and a little bit of patience!

light storage

Cut out small slits from the cardboard and then wrap the lights through the openings! I’ve seen something similar to this trick on Pinterest (shock) but they didn’t cut the slits which means the lights have nothing to stop them unravelling. I can also confirm that it works with other tree paraphernalia like beads!

bead storage

I’m pleased as punch with this little trick and think it is worthy of a place on my Tips & Tricks Pinterest board 🙂


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