Estée Lauder Professional Colour Collection Kit 2013

Remember that time when I told you that I would have a very exciting BEAUTY post for you all? Well count your stars and lay those chickens because it’s jolly well here! For Christmas I was gifted the BEAUTIFUL Estée Lauder Professional colour collection kit for 2013 🙂 Here’s the contents in all its glory…

Estee Lauder Kit

Look at the brilliance! I have tried every single product in this kit and I can categorically state there there are no weak spots – IT’S ALL GOOD.

  • Delux Eyeshadow Compact
  • Cheek Palette
  • 3 Pure Colour long-lasting lipsticks (hot kiss, sugar honey & nectarine)
  • 2 Pure Colour lip glosses (praline paradise & garnet desire)
  • Pure Colour Intense Kajal eyeliner in black
  • Pure Colour nail polish (le smoking)
  • Sumptuous Extreme lash multiplying volume mascara (extreme black)
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
  • Advanced Time Zone Night age reversing line/wrinkle creme

For this post I would like to talk about my favourite part of the kit – the eyeshadow & ckeek palettes.

eyes and cheeks
Hands up if you’re still trying to figure out how to use your new fancy camera *raises hand*

I am so impressed with the colour combination of these palettes. The eyeshadows combine to create a tip-top rose-tinted smokey eye, and I’m just a little bit obsessed with that coral pink in the blush department.


Although I have avoided the blue-hues, I’m not scared of them! The colours are not as pigmented as some other high-end brands, but I totally don’t mind that as I think this a great every-day eye palette.


The packaging is luxurious and I personally feel pretty fancy when I crack them open in the morning. Can make-up packaging even put a spring in your step? I certainly think so! An honourable mention also goes out to the mascara included in this kit… HOLY LONG AND FULL LASHES BATMAN, I feel positively Betty Boop-like!


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  1. Oh my, this is just simply gorgeous. I’m actually excited for you to use this! Great post, thanks for sharing your fabulous gift set.

  2. Glad you love your present did not know what to get a girl
    Who has everything x

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