The £9 Rug!

Did you know that you can get a rug for £9? I didn’t until I popped into my local Ikea at the weekend to do some damage. I love the rug section of Ikea and as I was having a quick shifty, not looking to buy anything, I spotted a full-size rug for £9! I know what you’re thinking, it must be one of those thin, long hallway rugs which slide all over the place and are a bugger to hoover… NOPE. It is a bonafide low-pile rug with a completely inoffensive design! I actually couldn’t believe it and I’m sure I stood staring at other shoppers, giving them the stink-eye, waiting for them to spot the bargain too. When no one shared my disbelief, I grabbed the £9 rug in question and made a beeline for the checkout.

I was half expecting the real price to appear on the screen when I scanned it but nope.. Still £9! I avoided eye contact with the checkout Nazi supervisor and ran to my car before anyone could stop me.

cheap ikea rug hulsig rug £9

Here he is in all his glory… All 133 x 195cm of him! I threw the packaging away but my receipt tells me he is called Hulsig. I put my web-sleuth hat on and searched the Ikea website only to find that he is not listed anywhere. A further Google search returns 0 results for the line in question so if you’re after a decent rug and don’t want to spend the earth, then I suggest that you get to your local Ikea and grab the Hulsig £9 rug now!

cheap ikea rug hulsig rug £9


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  1. How has the latex backing held up? They are for sale cheap in the USA now, and I had to buy one. A little worried about the backing staining my hardwood flooring, though.

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