How To Shorten a Zip

I’m in the midst of expanding my sewing horizons (more on that soon) and with this comes learning about fastenings. I’m talking zips, people! I have to admit that I was a bit anxious to broach the zips department of my new favourite sewing shop (it’s in the Gorbals and yes it is as scary as it sounds) because I couldn’t point out a concealed zip if it hit me in the face. I just wanted a range of zips to play about with but it seemed that when purchasing such a thing you’re supposed to know what length you need before hand. I threw caution to the wind and grabbed a handful from a basket and got out of there before anyone could question my motives.

I figured I would take on a simple project for my first zip fastening – a little coin purse to keep all the euros together which have been floating about in my bag for a month. All of the zips I had bought were 7 inches long and this was obviously way too big so I did some research and found a solution! Let me show you how to shorten a zip!

how to shorten a zip

Take your zip and decide what length you would ideally like it to be – I decided on a 4 inch zip. Take your ruler and use a washable fabric pen to mark the correct size.

Take a needle and coordinating thread. Tie a knot in the end and thread through from the back of the zip. Pull the thread through and then go back through the zip on the opposite side, as close to the teeth as you can. Repeat this 10-15 times depending on the thickness of your thread and then tie a knot to secure.

Measure 1/2 an inch from stitches towards the end of the zip and then cut the excess off… VOILA!

shortened zip

It works a charm! Shortened zips for everyone!!



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