Simple Coin Purse

Last week I chatted about shortening a zip and I’m back today to show you how I made a simple coin purse with it! This is the first time I’ve sewn with a zip and I’m happy to report that it was surprisingly easy! I decided to be a little bit adventurous and an make a purse with a bit of padding to make it more durable. I wasn’t sure if it would even turn out properly so I just used some scrap fabric that I had for other half-finished projects that keep me awake at night…

What you need:

  • 2 x 4inch squares of patterned fabric
  • 2x 4inch squares of lining fabric (I just used some plain cotton but feel free to go cray-cray with your choices)
  • 2x 4inch squares of batting
  • 4inch zip (here’s my tutorial on how to shorten a zip, or you could just be clever and buy one the right size)

easy purse tutorial

  • Sandwich your lining, batting and patterned fabrics together.
  • Place your zip right side down on the right side of your fabric sandwich and sew in place.
  • Take your second fabric sandwich (are you getting hungry yet?), place it right side down and pinch up the top to meet the zip, again right sides together. Sew in place.
  • At this point I suggest opening up the zip so you have room to pull the fabric through
  • Sew around the sides of the purse with a small seam allowance. As I was being my usual ‘Have-A-Go-Harry’ I didn’t really measure anything. Eye-balling is as good as it gets around these parts!
  • Push the fabric through the zip opening and poke out the corners. There you have it! I completely functioning purse!

easy purse front

easy purse back
Excuse the unsightly cutting board… Keeping it real, yo!

I’m really pleased with how this simple coin purse turned out and it’s doing a grand job of corralling all of the odd foreign currency that usually litters my handbag. A job well done I say!

In a completely unrelated note I just have to tell you that I managed to bag one of the stand mixers that was on offer in Aldi this morning! Yes, you read that right… I was the loser who got to Aldi for it opening at 8am just so that I could get the special buy… Shoot me! I’m glad I did though because there was already people there queuing when I arrived at 7.56am! Who’s the loser now, eh? Oh wait, it’s still me 🙂


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