Wrapping Paper Organiser

Ok… So I have a problem.. I have a stash of wrapping paper and it does nothing but frustrate me! I’ve tried hiding it in the back of the wardrobe, cramming it under the bed and all sorts but it just drives me cray-cray! I took to Pinterest to see if it could solve my wrapping paper nightmare and it did.. Sort of. Apparently it’s a ‘thing’ in America (obviously) to have an actual wrapping paper organiser! I’ve seen this kind of thing in some of my favourite Youtube homes but I never realised how wide-spread the practice is! It’s so common that even MARTHA STEWART has jumped on the bandwagon with her Craft Space Gift Wrap Hutch (seriously.) Loving all things American I was like SIGN ME UP, and then I saw the price… £145 to keep wrapping paper tidy?? I don’t think so!

I put the idea to the back of my mind and continued on with my daily struggle (ahem), but I just couldn’t let it go! I had to have something as frivolous as a gift wrap station (yes, we are going all-out Americanisms in this post) in my life so I put my cheap ass definitively British thinking cap on and decided to make my very own version… Out of an over-the-door bathroom caddy no less!

diy wrapping paper storage

This little gem is from Argos and for 20 of your British Pounds I have in my possession a fabled wrapping paper station. It hangs over the door in my craft room (oh yes) and keeps together all the accoutrements associated with over-the-top wrapping – a practice that I love to partake in as demonstrated here here and here. So here’s how I’ve organised it!

diy wrapping paper storage

I attached a rattan basket to the bottom of the organiser to hold the wrapping paper and I think it works really well! What’s supposed to be a towel rail works brilliantly to keep the wrapping paper upright, and I can just lift it up when I need to grab a roll.

gift bag storage

The top shelf holds gift bags, usually of the wine variety and some tissue paper because I have a genuine problem when it comes to over-the-top wrapping.

gift wrap organizerI keep some nicer pens and loose ribbon on the middle shelf in an old Birchbox which I obviously covered in wrapping paper. You would too if that lush chevron was staring at you all day! There’s also some standard confetti and string for when I’m feeling rustic 😉

ribbon organisationThe bottom shelf has some rolls of ribbon which you might think look wholesale size, and you’re right! I buy my ribbon in hundreds of metres… what? There’s also some double sided tape which is my secret gift wrapping weapon.

wrapping paper storage

This sight fills me with joy! The little bag has a stash of ribbon which I’ve saved from gifts I’ve received which was too pretty to throw away. You may be wondering what that brown tube round the flowery roll is? Well it’s a toilet roll tube. Call me crazy but it does a grand job of stopping the paper unrolling. Tricks of the trade people!!

So there you have it! A fancy wrapping paper organiser at a fraction of the price. I would love to know if this is something that you need in your house! Please don’t let me be the only loonie on this side of the pond who enjoys fancy wrapping!






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  1. Will be sending you all my Christmas pressies for you to wrap now hun. Me thinks too much time on one’s hands???

  2. ^obviously doesn’t have many gifts to wrap. I think it’s very clever and a valuable space saver. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Well Im in Australia and I love your wrapping paper station. I have to admit I got to wondering how many gifts our American friends needed to wrap to have an entire place set up for it. I’m like buy it and use on an as needed basis But I guess it is really handy and I bet the gifts look fabulous .Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Very true! I can just tell it’s going to be my saviour at Christmas time though 🙂 I just love wrapping gifts! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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