Lamp Revamp

Today I want to share with you some of my recent DIY handy-word in the form of a lamp revamp! Lamp revamp, lamp revamp… It feels good to say that 🙂 So a while back I was on one of my MANY trips through TK Maxx scouring for bargains and I spotted this lamp.

lamp revamp

I have been after a stylish lamp ever since I spotted this baby but at £150 that was a no go. The one above is pretty meh, right? Well it was all of £15 and the size and shape was perfect for a corner of our living room. The colour was so blah but I knew that could be fixed right up with a quick coat of paint. Ian, however, was having none of it. The boy has no vision! I snatched it up and proceeded to the checkout with an ‘I’ll show you’ look of smug determination. I’m exceedingly happy to report that in fact I was right and this lamp is now a total babe. Let me show you how I accomplished such a feat while I sit back and bask in a smug haze of glory.

lamp revamp - sand the base

This was truly super simple! I removed the fugly shade and covered up the bit where the bulb goes (technical or what) and the cord with masking tape. All it took then was a little bit of roughing up with some sand paper, a wipe down with a damp cloth and then 2 coats of PlastiKote spray paint in Metallic Gold (affiliate link).

spray painted lampOnce that was dry, I removed all of the tape and the base was complete! Now here’s where it gets a bit sticky… I thought I would just be able to paint the shade white and call it job done. Apparently painting lampshades is a bit of a bugger. Some fabric paint and a small tantrum later I gave up on the whole idea and bough a new shade from Ikea.

jara lamp shade
Excuse the ratchet ironing board. We keep it real here.

Then it was just a simple case of popping the new shade on and continue basking in the aforementioned glory. I love it like XO.

lamp revamp after

I may try and add a bit of detail to the shade at some point but for now it’s doing a fine job of reminding Ian of how god-damn crafty I am 🙂 And now for the money shot…

before and after lamp revamp - from drab to fab




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