New Cushions!

I am a sucker for a good throw pillow, and now that I can actually make my own, I get super excited about new cushions! Our living room was looking a bit lack-lustre and because we are renters, painting is pretty much out of the question so we have to made our mark with non-permanent things like NEW CUSHIONS!

new cushions

A couple of month’s ago I thought I had figured out what kind of look I wanted in there. Unsurprisingly that all changed due to a pair of flaming curtains. You see, the main problem with our cute-as-a-button house is that it is cold. Like DAMN COLD. So one prerequisite was that we would need some heavy-duty curtains to try and keep some of the heat in. I simply couldn’t find anything that I liked (or that wasn’t like a bajillion pounds)… until I found this set of Blekviva curtains from Ikea (surprise, surprise). They’re navy with an embroidered floral pattern and I knew that they would really warm the place up. Before I new it my ‘vision’ had changed and I was buying navy and white fabric in bulk*.

*side note: Navy and white it like my favourite colour combo. It basically makes up 3/4 of my wardrobe. I love a nautical stripe, so I do.

Have you ever been to the fabric department in Ikea? I absolutely love it! The prices are really reasonable and they let you cut your own pieces so no need to wait around for an assisitant. They also charge you buy weight instead of metre-age which I think is a nice touch. I bought the Angsruta and Blavinge fabrics to go with my curtains and couldn’t wait to whip them up into some sweet scatter cushions.

Blavinge fabric cushion

Angsruta fabric cushion

To tie everything in together I made up a couple of larger cushions with off-cuts of the curtains.

ikea curtains into cushions
Probably should have ironed them first…

They are all just simple envelope style pillows so if I ever get bored of them they will be easy to change out. That’s really all there is to it! It’s wonderful how some simple cushions can instantly change a room!







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