Booking a Holiday with Voyage Prive

It’s nearly summer time and you know what that means? SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Unfortunately due to Mr Boldly’s job we are pretty rigid with holidays. We can only go away for a maximum of 1 week at a time and the slot is usually pre-determined by the shift co-ordinator who is pretty much my worst enemy. Usually this doesn’t bother us too much because my job is pretty flexible with holidays but this year I made a bit of a boo-boo.

Long story short, the week he has clashes with a hen weekend I had booked ages ago which takes place in Barcelona (it’s a tough life, I know). There’s no way he can change his week so they only way we can go away is if we cut our break down to 5 days. Thankfully all is not lost!

I was searching for decent holiday breaks in all the usual places but it was slim pickings for 5 night getaways. Then I stumbled upon Voyage Prive which bills itself as ‘a members only luxury travel club, offering unforgettable getaways, at unbelievable prices.’ Basically, it’s a deals website which offers pretty big discounts on luxury holidays. After scanning the site and seeing how many breaks for 5 nights they had on offer we decided that this would be our best bet – and I wasn’t disappointed!

After a bit of searching we found a deal for 5 nights in a 4* hotel in Spain, just along the coast from Marbella and the hotel looks tremendous. It has an infinity pool, and you know how much I love an infinity pool 

thb Reserva del Higueron

The best part is that it worked out at around £400 each including flights! I’ll give you a moment to collect your jaw off the floor. I was a bit sceptical to begin with but after a bit of research on Trip Advisor we’re pretty confident that we won’t be disappointed! That price also includes transfers to and from the hotel, half board and a bottle of Cava! Can’t say fairer than that… Did I mention that it also includes flights? Amazing.

thb Reserva del Higueron

So, we leave in a couple of weeks and although it’s going to be a tight turn around I’m pretty confident that it won’t disappoint 🙂 The deal is currently still available for another 2 days but if Spain’s not you’re thing then the site does have loads of other offers on which get updated almost daily.




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