Mail Organiser

We have a problem in our house with mail. It’s EVERYWHERE and it’s driving me mental. The majority of our bills are electronic but for some stupid reason the gas and electricity company that we use insist on sending at least 2 copies of every bill! It’s infuriating! There’s paper everywhere and for a girl who lives and breathes in a digital world this is not good for my mental well-being. Not only do I have a postman to contend with, but the annoying man than lives in my house seems to breed paper products. I swear it multiplies in his pockets and then triples once it has escaped and litters the dining room table (which is the closest surface to the front door). I had a minor tantrum the other week and proclaimed that we needed a mail organiser ASAP, and I got one 🙂

mail organiser

Ta-da! How cute is this little fellow! I bet you would be surprised to know that this whole project (shelving, organiser, basket and candle) came together from things I had lying around the house and a couple of bits from TK Maxx. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of paint 🙂

I originally got the shelving unit for free on Gumtree when I was buying a bookcase because the owner was desperate to get rid of it. It started out as an odd orange-coloured wood and since we moved into the house it had acted as a depressed little bar. 3 coats of white paint later and it looks brand new!

mail organiser

The star of the show is this petite paper organiser which I picked up at TK Maxx for £4.99. It was originally a mustard yellow which could have been nice, but my living/dining room area is covered in bits of blue so out came the spray paint! A couple of coats of Plasti-kote Pacific Blue and we have an organiser that ties in with the rest of the room and adds a much-needed pop of colour.

The next level down hosts a big-ass candle, again from TK Maxx. Not much to say except it’s pretty and was less than a tenner.



On the bottom shelf I have a little basket which I already had kicking about the house which stores some napkins which match some of my living room cushions, because who doesn’t need those (damn you Ikea)! It’s also home to this little fellow all the way from Malta which Ian gave to me years ago.


Couldn’t be cuter if he tried.

So we now have a system that whenever a piece of paper comes in to the house it is dealt with immediately. If it needs further attention it goes in the organiser, if not then it goes in the bin. In theory it should work, but I have a squatter who doesn’t deal well with change so only time will tell!






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