Summer Clothing Haul

Oh… I did a baaaad thing! Last weekend I popped to the shops and then 3 hours later I found myself back in my house, covered in sweat, with bags and bags of new clothes :O I think I just blacked out! Apparently I needed a whole new wardrobe and here I am today showing the internet the spoils from my summer clothing haul. Masochistic, or what!

Couple of things before we get started: I have used my dress form as a model, and please excuse the visual clutter that is my craft room.

H&M maxi dress

First stop was H&M which is usually a hit and a miss for me… It just so happens that on the day I went it was a big fat HIT. I couldn’t resist this printed maxi dress which Mildred is fetchingly wearing. Side note: Is it weird to put shop-bought clothes on a dress form to take pictures? My neighbours must think I’m mad. Looking at it now reminds me that I need to shear about a foot off the length of this dress. Short people problems, AM I RIGHT?

H&M shorts

Next up is 3 – count them – 3 pairs of shorts. They were £7.99 a pair again from H&M and they fit beautifully. I apologise to no one.


Another trio of doom – spaghetti strap tops. The two at the back are from Primark so they basically don’t count and the one at the front is from, you guessed it, H&M. I actually love it though!

River island

Another dress, this time from River Island! I don’t know how I feel about this but I imagine it will be nice on once the initial 3rd degree burns die down. It was on the ‘get it before it’s gone’ rail in the shop and the sense of urgency had me running for the till. I’m a sucker for a catchy sign, apparently.

Primark Dress

This dress is from Primark and I thought it looked comfy so it went in the basket. Once I got home and tried it on (I refuse to even venture into a changing room at Primark) I realised that it’s WAY too big! Thankfully a little waist belt I had lurking in the wardrobe nips it in just enough to avoid the Shamoo look.


Can we just take a moment to all laugh at this picture. Do you know how many times I burst into a fit of giggles while trying to set this up! It’s probably wholly inappropriate to a picture of poor Mildred wearing a high-waisted bikini on the internet but I don’t play by the rules. This little 2-piece is from Debenhams and I LOVE it! Can’t get enough of that print!

I did buy a few other things for my holibobs like flip-flops and the like but it got too dark to take pictures, and honestly after hauling Mildred out of the bikini I couldn’t really look her in the eye. Hope you enjoyed my summer clothing haul as much as I did 🙂




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