New Kindle for £59

Amazon have dropped the price of their new Kindle to £59! This is for the 6 inch Wi-Fi only model with E-Ink display .

kindle with cover

I also happened to buy the cutest little cover that you’ve ever seen to house my new toy! Now this isn’t my first kindle… I did get one for Christmas in 2009 which lasted until my mum took it on holiday last year. Don’t ask me what happened but somewhere between here and the Caribbean my poor little kindle took it’s last breath. The only reason that I’ve waited until now to replace it is that I’ve been reading on my other devices (I’m that guy!) with the Kindle app which is very good IMO. As it turns out I’m glad I waited to get it at the lower price – Hi-5’s all round 🙂


I totally love the idea of e-readers and for someone who has been known to read 5 novels in the space of a week by the pool, they are a Godsend! So what have I got queued up for my upcoming trip? Well I’ll be starting the week off with Affliction which is the latest instalment in the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. If you like a supernatural romance then this will be right up your street! It’s not for the faint-hearted and is strictly adults-only. You have been warned!

Then I will delve into my favourite kind of book – one with a gory-as-hell serial killer in the form of Chris Carter’s ‘One By One.’ After that I have a new series of books to get into, the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy which I’m told is a mash-up of Twilight, Philip Pullman and Pan’s Labyrinth – what more could I ask for!

kindle books
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Are you in the Kindle camp or are you a staunch supporter of real life books?




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  1. Everyone loves a good book, but you just cannot deny that kindles are really useful. My mum and I used to take at least 3 books each on holiday with us, and now we can just each take our kindles. It is a lot easier! (It’s also more comfortable when reading in bed!)

  2. Hey my luvly I am still a kindle buddy tried the IPad but alas no kindle beside the pool. Just like you it’s got to be a thriller read. Excellent blog as usual mrs xxx

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