Fabric Lucky Dip

So… Remember last month when I posted about a huge fabric haul and proclaimed that I wouldn’t be buying any more for a LONG time… Well guess what? I’m a liar. Payday came around again and before I knew it I was on my new favourite fabric site browsing for things I didn’t need. I swear I was only there to get some Ponte de Roma jersey for my Coco top but then all of a sudden I stumbled upon an option to to buy a fabric lucky dip bag – at least 20m of mixed fabrics for £14.99! Tell me you wouldn’t have been tempted, I dare you.

fabric lucky dip

So this is the lot! Now, my type A personality couldn’t resist taking each piece, measuring it and folding it properly so that it would sit nicely in my stash of shame. While I could show you each and every single piece of fabric, I wont. Instead I will just point out a few of my favourite bits and the things I think make this bundle one heck of a find, starting with 3.2m of embroidered polymix…


In all honesty I probably would have paid £15 just for this! There is so much of it and I love the gold embroidered circles. Next up is a cute clover-printed (what feels like) chiffon and this is destined to line a cape that I have my eye on 🙂

clover chiffon

What will the outer cape look like, I hear you cry! Well this bundle just so happened to come with a delightful grey wool-mix that would be prefect!

grey wool mix

It seems a bit wrong to be talking about wool capes in the middle of June so lets move on to how I’m going to make a pencil skirt out of this tartan-ish stretch fabric.

tartan stretch

And what about accessories? Well I’m glad you asked! Included in the bundle was 2M of maroon faux leather which is destined to become the bottom half of the Portside Duffel Bag.

faux leather

Also included in the lucky dip was 1.2M a piece of black and cream cotton which is always handy to have to hand.

So what’s the verdict? Well I am super pleased with the value of this bundle. As far as I can tell this will give me a maxi dress, a skirt, a cape coat and a duffel bag! And that’s only using about half of the stuff! £14.99 for 20M of fabric works out at about 75p per meter and you can’t say fairer than that. Yes, there are a few misses, like the weird brown corduroy which will be heading to a charity shop soon, but on the whole I’m really pleased with my fabric lucky dip 🙂


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