Fun with Mosaic

I’m back from my holidays and raring to go! It was a fabulous 2 week break and I will have a little round-up coming in the next few days but for now I have to show you a little project that I’ve been working on! The lovely folks at Topps Tiles got in touch to see if I would be game to have a go at a mosaic project. I’ve seen so many pretty mosaic pieces all over the internet recently so I just couldn’t wait to get started on my own masterpiece. To cover my bases as I have never worked with mosaic supplies before I decided to do a couple of projects, the first being a mosaic paving stone.

mosaic paving stone

OK… Confession time kids. I had planned to do a whole tutorial cause this was so much fun to make, but as I like to keep things real here so I have to tell you that this paving stone was a bit of a disaster. Long story short: I was trying to be too clever by using a silicone cake mould for the stone but the concrete shifted about too much and ended up covering all the tiles on the bottom! After a small fit (read wailing toddler tantrum) I decided to just glue the tiles to the stone with outdoor grade glue – problem solved!


If you really want to try this out for yourself I command you to visit Intimate Weddings for an excellent tutorial and I implore you not to cut any corners. If you would rather not get your hands dirty then just buy a pre-made paving stone šŸ™‚

The thing I really like about mosaic is that it’s not meant to be perfect – ideal for me! If you take out the mistake part of the process then this couldn’t have been easier to make – the tiles are even cut to size for you! I especially like how it’s adding a bit of colour to my little herb garden šŸ™‚ After the paving stone saga I still had a tonne of tiles left over so I decided to jazz up a frame that I had lying around.

mosaic mirror

Again this couldn’t have been easier to do and was actually really therapeutic! The tiles are stuck on with some special mosaic glue so they are going nowhere. Do you like the print in the frame? I think it’s pretty appropriate for this project lol!

All of the tiles that I have used in the above masterpieces are available at Topps Tiles, and if you’re curious the exact products can be found here and here. Now I’m off to cover my house in more mosaic creations but I will be back in the imminent future with fun stories from my recent trips! Toodaloo!


*This post was created in collaboration with Topps Tiles, however all views expressed are my own.*





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