Sew Your Own Wardrobe: August

Howdy folks! After the success of my last monthly make, I’ve decided to continue full steam ahead with my next sew your own wardrobe project! Therefore in July I shall be making ANOTHER DRESS, but this time I’m throwing out the rulebook and hacking a pattern! Before I tell you more, let me show you the inspiration behind this endeavour…

kim kardashian green velvet wrap dress

Oh yes… It’s Kimmy! I know there is a bit of  love/hate relationship with the Kardashians, but I am firmly in the big puppy love pile. Quick couple of confessions: I love Kim Kardashian. I think her child is adorable. I love everyone in her family apart from Kris and Bruce. I think Kimye is the best ship name and I love that they are together. Please feel free to pass your judgements and continue reading because my Kardaship (Kardashain-Worship) does not define me.

anigif_enhanced-14041-1406809483-30So why such an opulent frock? Well it’s my Birthday at the end of the month (August 28th put it in yo’ diary) and I want something fancy to wear! I have found the perfect green velvet(ish) fabric and after much deliberation I’ve decided that the best pattern dupe I can find is the Nicola dress from Victory Patterns.

victory nicola velvet dress

The sleeves are my only issue so I’m going to bite the bullet and self-draft a set of long sleeves to insert instead of the tulip version that comes with the pattern. From what I can tell I think the only other alteration will be to raise the neckline a smidge because I’m a god-damn lady, and instead of using buttons at the waist I’ll add in some hidden snaps to make it nice and secure. Are you excited? I’m excited!




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