Huge Craft Haul

Following on from my post last week about building a crafting army, I present to you a huge craft haul! I’m so buzzed about this new direction so I decided to celebrate with a trip to Hobbycraft to stock up on some supplies. Not only did I purchase some old favourites, I picked up a couple of new toys to build up my craft repertoire! Here’s a quick look at all the goodness…

huge craft haul

The main thing I was after was some brightly coloured fat quarters for a new quilt I’m planning. I normally avoid packs of FQ’s but I knew they were on sale for 50% off and that’s a bargain I couldn’t afford to miss!

rainbow fat quarter bundles

Although I had a rough idea of the things I wanted, I knew I was essentially there to expand my crafty horizons. I was like a kid in a candy shop and it was honestly so liberating to just explore the shop and open myself up to new things. I bought an embroidery hoop for God’s sake!

Another thing I definitely want to get to grips with is crochet so I bought a starter kit for a fiver and we shall see how things progress.

crochet starter kit

My complete impulse buy was this box of loom bands. I know they’re totally for kids but the kit ended up in my basket regardless! The funny thing is that I spent Saturday night happily looming away whilst watching movies on TV. I’m pleased as punch to report that I now have a growing collection of loom bands and there’s no sign of me stopping!

loom bands kit

Just as I was about to head to the checkout, I wandered past a couple of ladies who were demonstrating cross-stitch. They invited me to sit down for a chat and I spent a lovely 20 minutes getting to grips with a hoop and some thread. At the end they invited me to come along to their monthly meeting, or the Stitch and Bitch as they cattily called it. It just goes to show when you open yourself up to new things, you never know what might happen! Check me out.. Making friends in all the RIGHT places 😉


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I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and following me your projects are beautiful and very inspiring for a Novice like myself. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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