Crafty Catch Up

Happy Monday folks! I hope you’re having a better one than me! I’ve got a wicked case of the blues due to a severely ulcerated gum. There is not enough Bonjela in this world that could help me right now. I had a whole crafting Sunday planned but when I woke up I honestly thought I had been battered in my sleep. The pain is for real, yo! So I basically mooched about the house accomplishing nothing and getting a bit teary at the whole situation. Thankfully when Ian came home from work he did the dishes, whipped the hoover round and sent me to bed to watch Harry Potter and play about with loom bands. He also confirmed that I’m not dying and mouth ulcers are not a good enough reason to go to A&E. The perks of living with a medical professional, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I did have great hopes of having a week’s worth of projects accomplished for your viewing pleasure, but since my Sunday was a wash-out and I spent Saturday gallivanting around Edinburgh with a chum, I have absolutely nothing to share today. I know this isn’t exactly life-changing but at the very least it bums me out! Therefore, my plan is to make today a bit of an informal  crafty catch up. Let me wax lyrical for a while about what’s been going on in my crafty existence. I’ll start with the aforementioned trip to Edinburgh where I met up with my chum Amanda to take in the glory of the West End Craft Fair! It’s currently being held at the St John’s Episcopal Church at the bottom of Lothian Road. I was actually surprised at how may stalls there were and the variety of things on sale! There were a couple of things that stood out, in particular wooley sheep-shaped foot stools and a collection of trinket necklaces make out of old or broken jewellery. The fair has been running alongside the Fringe festival and it ends on the 24th of August so definitely go and check it out if you have the chance.

Mandors glasgow

Did you see that there was an Itison deal on for Mandors Fabric Shop in Glasgow last week? I snapped one up straight away and made my way to the shop without haste! I had never been before and I was so surprised to see the selection of dressmaking fabrics they had available. I picked up 2.5m of green velvet for my SYOW wrap dress, some nice polyester for a pair of work trousers I have planned and also some cotton with a slight stretch in the most amazing ikat print! I just couldn’t wait to use it so I whipped up a skirt which I wore to meet Amanda.

a new york minute ikat skirt

The pattern is the ‘A New York Mini’ skirt by In-House Patterns and it was thrown together in the space of a night. I have to say I wasn’t really paying attention and thought that the sizes were in UK when they were actually Canadian (I think) so what I cut ended up WAY too big but with some slap-dash jaunty adjustments it worked out all right I think! That fabric though ❤

In other news, I posted about getting a new sewing machine a few weeks ago and I’m almost ready to press the buy now button! It’s honestly been such a hard decision to make (I know, first world problems right) but it’s been made a touch easier by all the advice I’ve gotten from you! I’m about 97% sure that I’m going for the Janome SMD3000 at this point but I shall let you know for definite when it’s actually purchased.

I think that’s us all caught up now! There’s lots to look forward to in the next two weeks as it’s my Birthday in 10 days (HOLLAAAA) and to celebrate I’m being whisked away to Airth Castle for a spa break. The fun doesn’t stop there for the next day we’re travelling down to the borders to spend a fun-filled weekend with our old Uni pals – SO EXCITED! In the meantime I can almost guarantee that my house will be taken over by a craft explosion next week as Ian will be away in Malta of all places visiting family. Without me. I have to work… I’m totally fine.



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