Dorm Room Decorating

You, guys… My mouth problem is just not letting up! I’m an absolute misery to behold but that won’t stop me from being SO EXCITED for my favourite cousin who found out that she got into Southampton Solent University last week!!!! So in honour of this excellent news I’ve put together a little post on dorm room decorating for those of you that are starting this amazing stage of your life!

dorm room decorating

It’s absolutely no secret that I loved every single minute of my life while I was at Uni but one of the less glamorous memories is my time spent living in student accommodation. To give you a bit of background, I went to the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and stayed in the slightly infamous Woolmanhill Halls. Picture Soviet era Poland on acid and you kind of get the idea… Add to this that I ended up in a mixed flat with shared bathroom facilities and I bet you can understand when I say that it was almost Hellish. What I did take from the experience was the joy of having a space that was entirely your own to do with as you saw fit! The best part of moving away from home was definitely the pre-uni-dorm-room-shop which involved a trip to Dunelm Mill and Ikea if I remember correctly! I wish I had a picture of my dorm room because I was so proud of all the little organising features and bits of décor. So here are a few tips and some items that I think would look great in a dorm room today. They’re mostly from Ikea because that’s like a right of passage for any budding student!

Bedding: the main feature of your room is going to be your bed so I would find some sleek bedding which will last you the whole year. Don’t be afraid to go for some more neutral colours – I love this set from John Lewis with the pops of orange geometric print.

dorm room decorating bed

Floors: Your dorm room will inevitable come with a bog-standard, rough as a badgers you-know-what carpet and I swear the best thing you could do is to buy a rug! It will make the place feel much more homely and individual. Ikea have a great selection for really reasonably priced rugs but I especially love this orange number (can you spot a theme?)

dorm room decorating bed

Wardrobe: This is going to be your main, if only storage space in the whole room so make it count! I highly suggest investing in some handing dividers like the Skubb series from Ikea. I use these in my own wardrobes to maximise space and they are such a life saver! They hold up really well too!

dorm room decorating organization

Speaking of storage, you’re gonna want to find some pretty efficient ways of storing all your crap. There will probably be a desk in your room but this will be the hardest working piece of furniture in there. Not only will it function as a desk, but it will also take on the role of dinner table, extra seating, beauty station, buffet table and most likely it will also be a semi-permanent bar. Clutter is your enemy so give things a proper home! I love this organiser from Ikea (its great for keeping make-up clutter controlled.)

dorm room decorating make up organiser

Lighting: Whoever said that fairy lights are dead obviously never lived in a dorm room. String up a couple of sets and intertwine them with some pictures from home and you have yourself an excellent feature wall. Also get yourself a bedside table lamp if there’s not one there already.This one again from Ikea gives off a lovely soft light.

dorm room decorating lighting

Wall Decorations: Posters are a classic and you can really show off your hipster side with a few carefully selected film bills. Show off your favourite bands too but why not avoid the tired poster and put a signed print in a cute frame. These can be hung on the wall without any damage by using 3M command hooks! If you want to make your place look even more put-together then why not shun the norm and pick out some fun prints. Again, Ikea has a huge selection of artwork and great prices.

dorm room decorating decoration

Bathroom/Wash Area: If, like me, you didn’t have your own en-suite then you will probably have a little sink in the corner of the room. It might not look like much but this little sink is the difference between you brushing your teeth in the privacy of your own room and bumping into one of your room-mates hot friends looking like death. If you do have the joy of an en-suite just remember that everyone is jealous of you and allow your not-so-fortunate friends access to it every now and then. Try and keep whatever area you have organised with shower caddies or more hanging organisers, but make sure they will stand up to a bit of splashing.

dorm room decorating bathroom

And now for a few extra dorm room decorating tips!

  • There is nothing to say that you can’t use your own furniture instead of the stuff already there. For example, I’m pretty sure that I took an actual mattress from home and and used that instead of the one provided. Same goes for a desk chair! If you’re pretty particular about back support then go ahead and use something that you will fell comfortable with. JUST REMEMBER TO SWITCH IT ALL BACK AT THE END OF TERM!
  • Find a place where you can hang your towel up for the love of god! Invest in a suction hook and thank me later.
  • If you get a welcome kit with dishes and the like when you move in, take a picture of it. This way, when it comes to the end of term and you have to give it all back, you’ll actually have a record of what was actually provided. Don’t loose your deposit on a missing fork lads.

That’s all I have to give on dorm room decorating, lads. I hope this had been informative! On a completely unrelated note I did the ALS(MND) Ice Bucket Challenge this morning so if you fancy a laugh, have a peek at the video below 🙂 If you would like to donate to an amazing charity to help them carry out some truly innovative research then please text ‘ICED55’ and your donation amount to 70070.  I’m still cold.


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