Sew Your Own Wardrobe: September

Ok, Ok, Ok so I know I haven’t yet shared my make for August but I swear it’s finished! I was up until 11.52pm (that’s super late for me on a school night!) finishing it off and boy am I glad I did! It actually came together really well and I’ll aim to take some pictures whilst wearing it to tonight’s shindig.

So ignoring my lack of consistency, let me tell you what I will be making in September to add to my sewn wardrobe. I’v been waiting for Autumn to hit since about July 21st so I am more than ready to start rocking some cosier clothing. If you don’t already know, my alter-ego spends 37.5 hours a week in a pretty professional business environment and I think it’s about high time I sewed myself a proper pair of work trousers. On my first visit to Mandors at the beginning of August I bought some lush semi-heavyweight trouser material (can’t for the life of me remember exactly what it is) in black. I do have some nice trousers which I wear to work but both pairs are grey so I think black will be a nice addition.

I’ve been trying to find a suitable pattern for the longest time and I simply can’t find a single pair of trousers that I want to make! After almost giving up I decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and self-draft my perfect pair of trousers! I can hear you all gasping in delight/horror at my bravado.

I’ve not exactly been shy in my quest to sew a wardrobe, hacking patterns left, right and centre so I’m definitely up for this challenge! I will be using on the the aforementioned trousers as a rough guide to avoid going completely off the deep end 🙂 I don’t really have any pictures to show you in the post so I’ll leave you with the gif that runs almost constantly in my head whilst I’m sewing, Enjoy.
edna mode hobo suit gif


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