In my Works In Progress post on Wednesday (new semi-regular feature!) I mentioned that I was trying to teach myself how to crochet! It’s proving mighty difficult but I think my main obstacle at the moment is that I have a crushing desire to watch Sons of Anarchy, and this business need complete focus while I learn the basics. Damn you Charlie Hunnam you sexy man beast.


Anyway, I’ve been wanting to get to grips with this particular craft for a while now and coincidentally I received a cute crochet book for my birthday a couple of weeks back 🙂

imageHow cute! It has loads of great info and a whole host of projects with how-to’s included. It really has helped to motivate me to get going so I had a got at making a simple square! I managed the first few steps but then ran into a few problems…

crochet fail

Where the hell did that loop come from? Undeterred, I pulled it apart and started again, and this time I managed a full chain!


There are a few bumps but I think this was a pretty good start. I fear my ego took a bit of a beating though when I tried to conquer the single crochet technique. I dropped chains and then picked up new ones, skipped loops and found pulls at every corner!

crochet fail

Hot. Mess.

I kind of figured out the problem though… I learn best when I’m shown and a book simply cannot do this! So, I turned to my new favourite learning resource – Craftsy! If you’ve never heard to Craftsy then let me clue you it. It’s a site which provides users with a classroom-like online learning programme aimed at crafty hobbies. Each class is comprised with video lessons and the associated materials allowing you to pause, recap and replay however many times you need to. This is absolutely perfect for me as I know it takes me about 3 goes to truly learn a skill.

I have signed up for the Crochet: Basics and Beyond class and I can’t wait to start! This weekend is a bit of a wash-out but just try and stop me jumping in with both feet next week!


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I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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