Birthday Photo Book

Hey guys! I had the best weekend spent with my family celebrating my Nana’s 70th Birthday! It was actually 2 celebrations in 1 since she recently got secretly hitched to my Gramps ❀ We arranged for my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin to come up from Telford to be with the rest of the family in Scotland for a big celebratory meal which was so good! I love my family! Anyway, it’s become kind of a tradition to give my Nana a photo of all the Grandchldren for her big birthdays and this year was no exception. To mix things up a bit, I organised a secret photo shoot with the aim of getting at least 1 good photo. Thankfully most of us are incredibly photogenic so we had a whole host of pictures to choose from! I realised that it would be a shame to waste the others so I decided to make a birthday photo book as an extra present for my Nana to enjoy!

birthday photo book

This thing was totally up my crafty street as it involved taking a selection of pictures, old and new, and creating a story with them. I think the end result is pretty damn good πŸ™‚

old and new pictures

I used Photobox to make the book and their online editor is really good! I know there are a lot of companies out there who offer photo books, but I chose them because they’re associated with Moonpig and I already trust the quality of their service.

For the older pictures, I had my mum and aunt’s send me scanned copies of old photos and simply extracted and uploaded them to the site. I was a little bit worried that the quality of some of the older photos would be compromised, but even though they are between 20-15 years old, they came out as clear as the originals!

nana photo book

The layout of each page was really simple to adjust and adding text was a breeze. There was options to add sample pictures too but I just stuck to my own stuff πŸ™‚ Don’t we scrub up well!

fancy cousins

I’m so pleased with how the whole book turned out and my Nana seemed to really love it too πŸ™‚ If you know someone with a special birthday coming up I would definitely consider this idea! With a little bit of foresight and effort you can give them a gift that they will hopefully treasure for a long time. Now, I’m off before things get too sentimental and mushy round here!


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