Golf Cake

Last weekend I got to indulge my love for cake decorating by crafting a masterpiece for my Nana’s 70th birthday! She’s an avid golfer and can swing a club better than most half her age so what better theme to make than a golf cake.

Golf CakeIt was a joint effort really as my mum made the sponge and I was in charge of decorating. As with most of the things that I make, I found the original idea on Pinterest and then took it from there. The cake itself was a delicious victoria sponge with a jam and buttercream centre. I crumb-coated the full cake and then draped a layer of dark green fondant over the whole thing. Then I set my mum about creating the light green grass detail for the border while I constructed the fondant version of my Nana.

birthday golf cakeShe is made of fondant with the assistance of some strategically placed tooth-picks. The golf bag is also made of red fondant with toothpick golf clubs and a personalised ‘N’ badge.

birthday golf cake golf bag fondant

We will ignore the scaling issues and the fact that Nana is as tall at the hole flag.

I had a lot of fun putting this cake together and as a first go at decorating a full cake I think it’s pretty good! The best thing about it however was spending a bit of crafty time with my mum who is an exceptional baker 🙂 It was lovely to work on this kind of thing with her and I hope we can do more of the same soon!


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  1. So cute! Fondant is a little tricky to work with but you did a great job and any golfer would love to have a golf a their own golf cake. Thanks for sharing. Hey, I recently started a new linky party on Scrapality. I would love for you to visit and link up. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love it. I have zero cake decorating skills, so seeing anything like this is just awesome to me. And it’s such a sweet way to honor your Nana. Thanks for linking up at Gingerly Made!

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