Creative Pumpkin Ideas

YoooHoooo! It’s nearly Halloween! I’m going ALL OUT this year after the amount of traffic we had at the door in 2013 so I thought I would kick things off a bit early with come creative pumpkin ideas. Not to be too big of a show-off, but I managed to carve some pretty decent pumpkins last year and this time around I want to take it one step further.

halloween 2013 pumpkins

Obviously I took to Pinterest to seek out cool ways to up my pumpkin game and I thought I would share them with you lovely folks.

glitter pumpkinGLITTER PUMPKINS. Whoever thought of rolling a pumpkin in glitter is someone who I would like to know. I think these are maybe more of an indoor decoration but aren’t they a lovely take on the traditional!

clemintine pumpkin

Last year we grossly underestimated the amount of kids that would come to the door so we were forced to give away fruit and crisps towards the end. I wish I had thought of this as a way of making my poor planning not so glaringly obvious!

painted pumpkin

You know me, I LOVE a chevron so this is definitely up my alley. You could do this in so many different colours but you would need a good looking pumpkin to pull it off well.

meme pumpkin

I’m all about taking carving to the next level this year and I may very well meme out my pumpkins. A simple Google search will give you thousands of ideas and templates

stencil pumpkin

If you don’t have the time or patience for intricate pumpkin carving, this ingenious hack is for you. Grab some simple cookie cutters and  a hammer then take out some aggression on your gourds. I’ve also seen some wonderful designs done with a drill!

melted crayon pumpkin

This one is probably my favourite of the bunch! A while back I used the same technique to create some wall art and it was so much fun! This is a great one to do with kids and you probably have everything you need to hand. You don’t even have to paint the pumpkin but I think it makes the colours pop even more.

As always, you can find a whole host of other spooky crafts on my Halloween Pinterest board. Enjoy 🙂

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