PomPom Christmas Wreath

Merry Boldly Gold Christmas Chaps! Some of you Scrooges out there may be cursing me for amping up the festivities before December has even hit but let me tell you, Christmas has been in full swing over here for a full month already! Decorating the house is still a complete novelty to me so the tree goes up on the 1st of December to get the maximum Christmas effect. I also plan to obnoxiously decorate my real-life work desk too! If you were a follower last year, you’ll know that I was all about those wreaths, bout those wreaths, no tinsel (is this pop reference still viable?) You can read about last year’s efforts right here but I’ve amped it up a notch for 2014 with a POMPOM Christmas Wreath. Please, try and contain your excitement.

pompom christmas wreathLook at how glorious it is! 2014 has definitely been the year of the pompom so I thought I’d honour that with a wreath. It was incredibly easy to make, in fact so easy that I’m going to show you the step-by-step 🙂

You will need:

1 Styrofoam wreath. I used a 12 inch but feel free to go bigger or smaller.

2 complimentary yarns. I used 3 skeins of The Women’s Institute Soft and Chunky yarn in cream, and 1 skein of Rico Creative Reflection in the forest colour-way.

5m of 3inch Hessian or burlap ribbon.

8 inches of complimentary ribbon.

A wooden initial letter. (I’m representing Boldly Gold with mine)

Standard craft glue.

A large PomPom maker.

pompom design

Start by making your pompoms. I needed 10 large ones to cover my 12inch wreath form so adjust this number if you have a different size. I wanted my pompoms to have 2 different colours so I chose 2 yarns to work with. If you’ve never used a pompom maker before (where have you been?) then I have a quick tutorial that you can read. To make these poms, first wrap one side of the device with one colour yarn and then follow with the other colour, like so.

pompom christmas wreath

IMG_0671pompom christmas wreath

Continue in this way a couple of times on each side and then cut and join your pompom together with the first colour of yarn. Make sure to leave the tails long enough to wrap around your wreath form. This does take a bit of time to do so sit down with a good movie and just plough through. When you’re finished you will have a basket of joy.


Now, take your wreath and wrap the burlap or Hessian ribbon around it. Secure the ends with a blob of craft glue on the back.

burlap wreath

Now it’s time to add your pompoms! Take each one and tie it around the wreath. Secure with a knot at the back. For the initial, spray paint it in the colour of your choice (I chose gold) and then attach the 8inch piece of ribbon to the back of it with glue. The final step it to simply add this hanging initial to the back of the wreath with another blob of glue!

finished pom pom initial wreath

Deck your door with the finished wreath and bask in the envy of your neighbours with smug abandon.

pompom christmas wreath

My door looks December-ready but does yours? Direct Blinds* who kindly provided the materials for this project want to see a nation of festive doors so grab the glue gun and deck out a wreath this Christmas. If you do, make sure to send me a picture on Twitter and also tag @directblinds so that they can see your creation too! Happy crafting 🙂

*This is a sponsored post however all views and opinions are my own.



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