Wine Bottle Cover

Guys.. Christmas is in 5 DAYS!! This is not a drill. Jingle those bells and get the mulled wine at the ready for today I’m going to show you the easiest way to wrap and present the gift of wine! Now, you might be thinking ‘Amy, what’s the point? Just stick it in a bag and be on your merry way.’ Well to this I say that’s not how we do things round these parts. As a person who likes to make a BIG effort with gift wrapping, I hate how impersonal wine bags come off as. This isn’t to say I shun those who go that route, but ya’ll know I have a fair bit of time on my hands for these things so I like to go that extra mile. Last year I showed you how to actually wrap a bottle, but this year I’ve made it even easier with an unbelievably simple wine bottle cover.

wine bottle cover

Appropriate, no? You won’t believe what this started it’s life as….

wine bottle cover sock

Yes, it’s a sock. A bloody sock lads. I found these men’s socks in Asda for £1.50 a pair, so for 75p you can give the gift of Alcohol and still look like you made a God-damned effort. Let me show you how simple it is to turn this sock into a wine bottle cover.

Step 1: Cut off the foot part of the sock.

wine bottle cover sock diy

Step 2: Slide it onto the bottle.

wine bottle cover sock diy


You could use any kind of sock for this, but I would stick to the men’s size for a standard wine bottle. Also use a new sock, not one you’ve just taken off…

So there you have it, my annual spin on giving the gift of alcohol! Merry Chr-hic-istmas 🙂


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I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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