Mum’s Guest Bedroom Reveal

At the end of last year my Mum set me the task of transforming her spare room into a chic space for guests. You can read all about the plans for the room and also about how we made a striped accent wall here, but today it’s all about the reveal baby! Unfortunately I don’t have any actual before pictures which is a bit of a bummer, but I can assure you that it’s a VAST improvement. Drumroll please…

guest bedroom reveal

I only had my phone on me so the pictures could be better, but if you look past that – how cute does this guest bedroom look! You can see the VERY subtle striped wall in the background and this is also the new trundle bed which is super comfy! I can attest to that because this entire room was finished before Christmas and I had the pleasure of sleeping in it. If you’re interested in where any of the items came from, I’ll try to have everything linked at the end of this post.

vintage shabby chic trundle bed guest room

The bed is the only new piece of furniture as we gave the old wardrobe and dresser a fresh coat of paint using the wall colour and now they look ace!

white painted wardrobe diy

white painted dresser diy

We decided that it would be a great idea to make a gallery wall in this room as the main wall was looking a bit bare. We found everything in the picture below, along with the most beautiful throw which is on the bed, at the new Homesense store at Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh.This is definitely a work in progress but my mum can easily add to it as she finds pieces that she loves.

vintage shabby chic gallery wall rustic

I absolutely love the chandelier which my mum found at Wilko! Big shout out to my dad for fitting it with minimal moaning.

vintage look chandelier shabby chic

So there you have it! A completely revamped guest room designed by yours truly. I’ve tried to link to things as best as I can below for reference if you’re interested. I really enjoyed this whole project and it was lovely to do it all with my mum. Now what I can paint next!


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