Hexi Pin Cushion

Before my Christmas burnout I made my sweet friend a hexi pin cushion as part of her gift. She took up sewing last year and I’m all about the encouragement 🙂 I looked at a frw ideas for shapes and then realised that I had amassed a stash of hexis from my ill-fated and unfinished hexi quilt! I don’t know about you but I think this is a way better use of those tiny buggers, so I made another one for myself!

hexi pin cushion

Having the shapes pre-made (you can see how I did that here) meant that this sewed up super fast although even if you did have to make the hexis I doubt it would even add an hour to the process. All you need is 8 hexis, toy stuffing, rice and a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

hexi pin cushion supplies

First you need to sew a flat hexi flower shape as laid out below. It can be quite fiddily to match up all the sides but just take your time. I imagine it would be even easier to hand sew, but my hand sewing sucks as you will see very soon.

hexi flower shape

Once you have your flower shape pieced together, flip it over, fold up the edges into the middle and you will see the shape starting to take place. Take your last hexi (I used one in the same statement fabric as the middle and begin to match up with edges of this to the other hexis.

hexi match for pin cushion

I popped one of my customised labels on the bottom of the pin cushion… nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion.Sew together all of the edges right sides together until you have one left. This is where you add your filling.

hexi inside out pin cushion

unstuffed hexi pin cushionI used both toy stuffing and rice for my filling as I wanted the pin cushion to have a bit of weight to it, but you could use anything really. I hear steel wool is great sharpening pins! I found it easier to ass the stuffing first as this would mean it was at the top of the cushion and then add the rice to the bottom. Another handy tip is to add the rice by using a funnel or a piece of paper shaped like one as this will save you having to pick up scattered rice for days. True story.

stuffed hexi pin cushion

One it’s satisfactorily stuffed, hand sew the edge closed. As you will see I wasn’t lying about sucking at hand sewing! Nothing like keeping it real 😉 I’d like to say that I took more care and attention on my friends version but there is no real conviction behind these words.

proof that the hexi pin cushion works

Look, it works!! Sorry the light is so sucky but I have to take these pictures at night and the bulb in my craft room is less than stellar. I think this makes such a cute gift for the sewing-inclined, even if I do say so myself! If you make one please share it with me on Twitter (@BoldlyGold) or Instagram (@boldlygoldblog) as I would love to see it! Ciao for now bitches x


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  1. Its so cute! I really need to make one of these as I am always putting my pins down and losing them (until they generally stick in my foot!) I will probably need to add a wrist strap to mine so I don’t lose that too! I am truly hopeless 😀 Love your branded labels! They are fabulous 🙂

    1. OH a wrist strap! Never even thought of that though it’s an excellent idea! Especially great for when cutting out I bet! The labels are from Woven Labels UK and really reasonably priced 🙂 Couldn’t resist haha!

      1. Haha! I would have been the same! I am such a geek for things like that! I may have to scope them out now! Look what you have done to me!!! Haha!

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