2015 Living Room Trends

I’m such a cliché. January rolls around and what’s the first thing I do? Decide that my living room needs a bit of an update! There’s been a bit of chat about certain living room trends and some of them have really caught my eye! For example, when Pantone announced that their colour of 2015 was Marsala I was ready and willing to jump on that particular bandwagon. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time then you may know that we live in a beautiful, fully-furnished, rented house. While I’m incredibly grateful for what we do have, there’s always that sense of restriction when you’re renting. I can’t paint the walls on a whim and the furniture obviously has to stay… But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream! If I totally had free reign, this is what would be happening to my house right now…

abstract comfort mood board living room marsala
Sources: Here, here, here, here, here annnnnd here.

I’m calling this abstract comfort, darling. If I could have any sofa, it would be a corner one preferably in a fabric material. This one from Furniture Choice* looks excellent and insanely comfy! Right now we have a leather couch and while it’s easy to keep clean, it can be damn cold on a winter’s night! When I lived in Aberdeen (my glory days) we had a HUGE fabric corner sofa and it was maybe the best thing about that entire place, which is saying a lot because I freaking loved that flat.

I don’t know what it is about the colours marsala and white but together they really get my motor running. You know I love me a geometric print and I think there’s something lovely about mixing them with plush furnishings. Just look at that funky floor lamp! I can totally see that in my future living room. The one thing on that mood board which might be familiar is my beloved Ikea Lack Coffee Table Hack. Guys, this is maybe my favourite ever DIY project. I actually think it goes pretty well with everything else in the picture and who doesn’t love a bit of stained wood to ground everything.

So there you have my take on my favourite living room trends for 2015. Now all this chat about Marsala has made me crave wine so I’m off to cradle a bottle and drunk-buy cushions on Etsy.

*This is a sponsored post however all opinions and thoughts are completely my own.

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