Project Life // January

My obsession with Project Life continues and I’m elated to report that my first monthly spread is complete!

project life january page 1project life january page 1

I’m really pleased with how it turned out! My title page is pretty simple with a stamped ‘January,’ a blue ric rac border and a sticker which says ‘everyday moments’. On the first page there are a couple of pictures from our Dublin trip at the start of the month and a shot of some friends and I before a night out. There’s also one of my favourite pictures of Ian and I in front of the Christmas tree before we took it down.  The embellishments are mostly stickers as at this point my stash was pretty small (don’t worry, it’s grown exponentially since then). I also realised that I hate my handwriting so the journalling is pretty minimal.

The second page covers the 2nd half of the month where I had to document the fact that Ian bought me AN ELDER WAND and I got a lovely thank you note from my friend Courtney all the way from Germany. We also went to a friends 21st party and the ‘Hello’ card has some stamped deets about that. By this point I had realised that I could make my own cards out of some scrapbook paper I found in the house and this has been my go-to past-time for the last month.

diy project life card

I also played around with a collage on a 6×4 of our trip to the Kelpies in Grangemouth. Yes, that is me ‘feeding’ the horses because I can’t miss a chance for a cliché photo.

project life

I think my favourite card from this month has to be the one dedicated to the sewing day in Glasgow with a bunch of fun ladies. I shamelessly stole some Instagram photos from Franca and Katy and fit them onto another scrapbook paper card. I then added some plastic dots and a tag with some info on it.

sewing day project life card

I’ve only now noticed that the date on the card is actually wrong and while this is quite embarrassing, it’s also very typical of me so I’m leaving this photo here for posterity while I go and change it IRL 🙂

As we went to Dublin this month too, I felt like it deserved it’s very own spread!

dublin travel project life spread 1dublin travel project life spread 2

URGH picture quality! Anyway this is all pretty simple stuff again with a mixture of handmade and Project Life core kit cards. Can you tell that the Guinness Storehouse was maybe my favourite part of the trip? I cut one of the city maps down to fit on a 3×4 card and I love the way it looks so this will probably be a recurring thing for all the trips we go on. I love how I can save ticket stubs and that kind of thing next to the photos, either mounted on their own card or hidden behind others for extra little surprises 🙂

Needless to say I’m ALL OVER this way of scrapbooking like a hot, red rash – I just love it! I can’t wait to start on February’s spread which will surely include our ski trip this weekend, watching my brother play hockey, Ian’s birthday and the obligatory Valentines selfie!


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  1. I love it! I recently bought the Dreamy Project Life base kit and am just waiting for my pictures to arrive from Shutterfly so that I can put my January pages together! Eeek so excited!

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