Baking All The Things

I’ve been on a baking kick ever since Christmas! Why? Well because I got a amazing Kenwood stand mixer as a Christmas gift from my parents! Seriously, this thing has upped my baking game dramatically. It has pride of place in my kitchen and I smile every single time I look at it.

kenwood patissier mixer duck egg

I feel like I’ve become more adventurous baker and my repertoire has expanded to more than just cupcakes. Around new year I went on a shortbread spree and also made millionaire’s shortcake completely from scratch!

millionaires shortcake

Look at the gooeyness! In all honestly if I was to make this again I would go easier on the caramel as it was barely contained in this batch – delicious though. Around about the same time I made a light a fluffy lemon and raspberry loaf which was ace!

lemon and raspberry loaf

Obviously couldn’t resist taking a pretentious photo. My only qualm about this is that the raspberries could have been more evenly dispersed, but I was a bit cautious of over mixing the batter. I also tried my hand at a swiss roll which turned out much better than expected!

swiss roll

The roll doesn’t look very tight here but when I cut the ends off it was beautiful. I may have shed a tear. I’m actually the most proud of this one! I have horrible memories of trying to bake a swiss roll for my Home Ec exam in 4th year at school and it looking like brown scrambled eggs. My teacher refused to taste it but gave me a C for effort. Thankfully this version was a resounding success! It rolled up beautifully and I filled it with whipped cream and home made strawberry jam.

The last thing of note that I actually baked last weekend was Ian’s birthday cake! He requested a rainbow cake which I’ve made before (pre mixer) so this time I decided to up the ante and make 5 layers instead of 4. I think it came out rather well.

5 layer rainbow cake

I used the same recipe as last time for both the cake and the cream cheese frosting, but I was less liberal with the gel food colouring. The colours turned out to be lovely bright pastels (is that an oxymoron) and his Lordship was very pleased with the result.

I think it’s clear that I’ve become a bit of a baking fiend… Long may it continue πŸ™‚


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I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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  1. They all look delicious, but especially the millionaire’s shortbread. What recipe did you use?

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