Handmade Summer Wardrobe

Soooo.. I know it’s only March but I’m starting to pull together my holiday wardrobe! What can I say? When you’re planning to make everything you need plenty of time to get your act together. As of last Thursday I have 3 trips planned this summer; one to Turkey with Ian and my family for my mum’s Birthday, one to Spain with my girls and then a 5 day trip to Marrakesh with Ian again and our Uni friends. 3 VERY different experiences but I’m hoping they won’t require separate wardrobes. I would love to say that everything going in my suitcase will be handmade but that’s just completely unrealistic for me. What I will commit to is making some dresses, skirts and maybe some swimwear. I’ve started to pull a Pinterest board (shock) together with some ideas so here is my handmade summer wardrobe ‘want’ list.


Named Patterns Delphine Maxi: There’s something about this maxi dress which really appeals to me! This is from the Named SS15 Ticket collection and I’ve heard good things about their other patterns so hopefully this will turn out well! I’m planning on making up a wearable muslin in some wild lilac jersey for starters. My only concern is that the flounce(?) at the top with do my chest no favours, but we can all live in hope.


Salme Patterns Pleated Skirt Skirt: This is one piece of clothing that I’ve been tryig to buy on the High Street for about a year now with absolutely no luck. All I want is a pleated skirt which goes past my knees which doesn’t leave me looking like a troll-bag-lady. When RTW fails, make your own! After my (yet to be blogged) success with the Salme Kimono pattern, I have high hopes for this one! My goal is to add a sheer panel above the colour-blocked portion of the skirt cause I’m fancy like that.


Salme Patterns Playsuit: Another Salme Pattern! My first tryst with a playsuit was not a successful one but I’m having another go with hindsight and better fabric choice on my side. There’s something about this black version that’s right up my alley! Although not a typical summer hue, I just wouldn’t feel right without bringing my inner monochrome fiend along for the ride.


Jamie Christina Mission Maxi: Oh yes, another maxi dress! Simple and VERY wearable. Even if my Delphine maxi turns out to be the most flattering frock I’ve ever made, I’ll still be making up this pattern and possibly hacking it into a maxi skirt too!


Papercut Patterns Clover Dress: I’ve been eyeing up this dress for a while so it only seems right to add it to my summer list. No idea what fabric I’ll use but you can bet there’ll be a contrast piece for that V.


Misses’ M6696 Shirt Dress: This pattern is really only going to happen if all the stars align and I have oodles of time on my hands. I’ve never made a shirt dress, or a shirt for that matter, so there will be A LOT of fitting involved. Thankfully my order of Swedish tracing paper arrived last week so if I get round to making this beauty that will be a god-send!


Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit: This final number is definitely not set in stone for a couple of reasons. 1. I’m not sure if I could make a one piece better than the ones I already own. 2. I’m not totally sold on the actual shape of the suit and how far it comes down over your thighs. I would like to try making swimwear but it’s not absolutely necessary for this summer so it’s on this list as a definite maybe.

I can almost guarantee that this list will change (not even included any shorts) but this is how it stands right now. Now that my Sew Your Own Wardrobe series is coming to an end, I’m excited to get started!


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