Sew Your Own Wardrobe Salme Kimono Dress

FINISHED… And with time to spare šŸ˜‰ I might actually be getting the hang of this deadline thing 11 months into my year of sew your own wardrobe projects. Yes, my Salme Kimono dress has been sewn, worn and photographed!

sew your own wardrobe salme kimono dress ikat fabric

Result? Another win I think! I wore it last weekend in Edinburgh and it was perfect for wandering around the city and then going to dinner afterwards. I paired it with tights and a leather jacket although not sure about that combo but I didn’t seem to have anything else to wear with it that wasn’t a winter coat. Add ‘make a lightweight jacket’ to my ever expanding to-do list. The picture below also tells me that it could also do with a little belt.

sew your own wardrobe salme kimono dress ikat fabric

We took these photos in Princess Street gardens under the watchful eye of many Nosey Nellies. A year ago there’s no way I would have pranced about a public park to take pictures of my outfit but apparently sewing your own clothes changes you to the very core. Also these photos were snapped on my phone as I forgot to put a memory card in my bloody camera which I lugged about town needlessly for hours. I’m still bitter about it… But I digress… The pattern! Oh I love it A LOT for many reasons. One being that the PDF was only 21 pages to print INCLUDING INSTRUCTIONS. Also I sewed the whole thing up in the space of 1 Friday night. Be still my beating heart! There’s no seam allowances included but they were easy enough to add by drawing around my size with two pencils tied together with a rubber band so I didn’t even mind. Speaking of sizes, the measurements were quite misleading so I cut a size bigger just to be on the safe side and then basted things together to check the fit. Turns out I needed to chop another 1 1/2 inches off the whole thing even though it’s a very loose fit. The waistband is cinched in with 1/4 inch elastic which I’ve had loads of practice using with my many Monetas.

sew your own wardrobe salme kimono dress ikat fabric

I find these kimono sleeves really flattering and I think this pattern is great for showing off a printed fabric. Speaking of which… Don’t you love this ikat print! My face goes all heart emoji when it look at it ā¤ I got it from Hazel in a swap at the last meet-up and I’ve been desperate to use it ever since. I believe it’s a viscose blend of sorts which is all kinds of drapey and I love it. It frayed like a mother though so I actually took care to finish the seems as best as I could by using the overlocking stitch on my machine. The only ‘meh’ point I have about the whole thing is the neckline facing which doesn’t sit well. I thought topstitching it with my twin needle would help but that was just a messy battle.

sew your own wardrobe salme kimono dress ikat fabric neckline

Not my best, but not my worst either. The struggle with the twin needle continues! So that’s all I really have to say about this month’s make. If you can’t already tell I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I’ll definitely be making another one to add to my summer wardrobe. There’s only 1 month left of my SYOW saga and I’ve yet to make a firm decision on what to make so I better pull my finger out. I can say that it will be using fabric from my stash as I’m on a complete craft spending ban after our meeting with A MORTGAGE ADVISOR. Who knew you actually need savings to buy a house? Needless to say all these big girl decisions are giving me night terrors and all I want to do is curl up into a ball with a wheel of cheese. Preferably within reach of my ‘full bottle’ wine glass.


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