Project Life Organisation

So Project Life has basically taken over my actual life and I simply don’t give a damn – I LOVE IT! Honestly never thought I would be one for properly scrapbooking but how wrong I was. I have to say that this obsession has a lot to do with how simple Project life makes things, and how flexible it can be whilst maintaining a structure which I’m all about. I’ve been working on my first album for 3 months now and with it comes at lot of stuff. There’s cards and glue and scissors and photos and stamps and 101 other bits that make up a scrapbooking kit. It was all getting a bit overwhelming and I needed some serious Project Life organisation so thankfully I’ve found a neat little storage system to keep things in hand.

project life scrapbook organisation

Yes, it’s an acrylic cube container. Not exactly mind blowing stuff  but it’s working really well for me! I actually found it in the clearance aisle of TK Maxx for £5.99 because it has a scratch on the bottom (which you can’t even see) so we’ll thank the discount gods and move on. All of the compartments are the perfect size for storing my PL cards and tools that need to be easy to grab.

project life scrapbook organisation acrylic tray

So what’s in my container of goodies? Well the stars of the show are my Project Life cards in 3×4 and 4×6 from. The former are separated into 3 compartments and the larger cards all fit in one. I also keep an inkpad behind the 3x4s.

project life scrapbook organisation PL cards

In the middle section I keep some wood veneers for embellishing, my corner punch, embossing label maker and date stamp.

project life scrapbook organisation

The left-hand corner holds glue, a tape roller, all my pens and a pair of paper scissors.

project life scrapbook organisation

Finally, the back of the organiser holds clear stamps, stickers, roller stamps, glue dots and a stamp block. This is also where I keep my DIY phrase stamp and all the little bits that go with it.

image image

So there’s my organised scrapbooking kit. It sits on the chest of drawers next to my desk so everything’s within arms reach and it’s just so handy! I don’t know about you, but if I find myself in a bit of a creative rut organising something usually brings me out of it and this was the perfect project. No more hunting for supplies and I actually use everything in my stash now which is ideal since I’m on a crafts spending ban for #OperationMortgage. If you enjoyed this post then stick around because I found the perfect way to corral the horde of washi tape that’s accumulated on my desk! Organising craft supplies is my jam.


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