How I Print 3×4 Project Life Photos

I’ve been thinking about sharing the way I print 3×4 Project Life photos for a while now and after getting a few questions on Twitter I’ve decided to tell-all! When I first started out I tried a few ways of printing things and I’ve finally found a way that works really well for me. My secret weapon is the collage feature on Picmonkey! Let me show you exactly how I do it.

how to print 3x4 project life photos

First I load all my pictures into the collage generator and then choose my canvas size. The standard size for photo printing at places like Boots and Tesco is 6×4 and obviously this is perfect for the large Project Life pockets. It also works perfectly for the 3×4 size as you get 2 images on 1 print. I size my canvas to 1800px b 1200px for a high resolution proportion (300dpi).

*Side Note* I know these pictures are a bit hard to see as they’re scaled for this post but if you click on them you’ll be able to view them full size in all their glory!

3x4 project life print photo tutorial pic monkey 1

In the layout section, select the ducks in a row option. This will give you a canvas with 2 equal 3×4 sections! In the background section you can reduce the spacing to 0 so that there is no border on the pictures, although I quite like that effect sometimes.

3x4 project life print photo tutorial pic monkey

Now you can also play about to fit different sized images on your 6×4 canvas. You can fit 6 2×2 square prints in the same space and this is perfect for those Instagram snaps!

3x4 project life print photo tutorial pic monkey 4

3x4 project life print photo tutorial pic monkey 3

I’ve also used the spacing option to ensure that my photos are smaller than the standard 3×4 (whilst still being in proportion) so that I can back them on a card so that they have a nice border.

3x4 project life print photo tutorial pic monkey 2

Once all your images are ready, just save them to your phone and take them to somewhere like Boots or Tesco for printing. Personally I prefer Boots as their print quality is pretty good, I can print them immediately in store without waiting around and I can usually use my points to pay for them! I select all 6×4 prints and then I have at least double the images without paying for each one separately! This works out as a really cheap and easy way for me to get my scrapbook photos. With a little bit of thought I only have to pay 11p per print which much cheaper than it would be printing them at home!

So that’s how I print 3×4 project life photos! If you have a different way I would love to hear about it so please do leave a link or explanation in the comments đŸ™‚


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