Scrapbook Embellishment Storage

HEY YOU GUYS! You know how last week I shared the way I’m currently storing my main project life supplies? Well, I was challenged to come up with a creative storage solution in my house by Space Station so today I’m sharing my scrapbook embellishment storage system!

scrapbook embellishment storage

I have to say, craft organisation is my jam. When I’m struggling with actually finding the motivation to make something, I go to a part of my craft room and re-organise it. Something about the process kick-starts my creativity and once it’s done I’m good to go with the making! My craft room is also the spare bedroom so things have to stored really efficiently whilst still looking good and that’s why I love these acrylic organisers! They keep everything contained whilst still keeping everything in sight so I remember to use up what I have.

embellishment organisation

I found this on again in TK Maxx (love that place)! It was originally advertised as a make up organiser but it works perfectly for embellishments. There are 2 rectangle trays, 2 rectangle slots, 8 square slots and a full width drawer. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting so I cut up some pretty scrapbook paper to the dimensions of the partitions.

embellishment organisation

Much better! I probably had too much fun kitting this out. The bottom drawer is perfect for holding my scrapbook ribbon in spools – obviously sorted by colour 😉

ribbon storage acrylic organiser

The main top sections hold my washi, paper and embossing label tapes so they’re easy to access.

embossing tape storage

The right side pockets have most of my embellishments; wood veneer, brads and enamel shapes. The deep section at the back has my pens and a pair of scissors.

wood veneer storage

Gah, I love it! This sits right on my desk for easy access and I can confirm that it’s made my scrapbook process so much easier. No more racking in different places for supplies!

scrapbook project life embellishment storage organisation organization

*Thanks to Space Station for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, obviously.

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