April Project Life

I’m ready to show my April Project Life Spread šŸ™‚

April project life

So what happened in April? Well at the beginning of the month I spent a day in Edinburgh with my Mum and Nana whilst wearing an obnoxiously large hat which was fun. One of our friends came to stay over the Easter weekend and it was just lovely to see his wee face šŸ™‚ We also spent a bit of time looking at houses (eek!)

project life spread

I love the Think Happy be Happy card in this spread. It’s actually the thank you card that came with my first messy box subscription.

think happy be happy messy box project life

The 2nd page of this spread mostly details our trip to Aberdeen to see all our old Uni friends. That place is seriously my heart home and I cry every time I have to leave. While we were there we spent a day in the sun at Crathes Castle, made our own selfie stick (emphasis on the stick), went out for a lush Turkish dinner and topped it all off with a pint in 6 Degrees North. I also got a haircut.

project life april

Love this card from a My Minds Eye collection which I found in TK Maxx. Honestly that place is a treasure trove for scrapbooking supplies.

my minds eye project life scrapbook card

I also added a new section to this spread in the form of an 6×8 pocket. I’ve been looking for a way to include my favourite books, movies and TV shows, and this extra space is perfect without cluttering up the main spread.

extra insert project life aprilextra insert project life april

I really like how I can add in my favourites of the month to the spread which will be nice to look back on. I’ve also implemented a star system for rating things because who doesn’t love using cute star stamps?


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  1. Wowee! Well done you! You have fully committed to Project Life! I am failing so far and am soooo behind (seriously its embarrassing!) I think I was kidding myself thinking I could keep up with it alongside my Create 28 blog challenge (that is currently taking over my life!) I am in two minds whether to give up and start afresh next year or to catch up and I will thank myself in a few months when I get my life back a bit! Ahhh! What to do! I love seeing your updates though and it makes me want to hang in there! haha! xx

    1. Thanks love! Definitely stick with it! Even if you just manage to slot in some photos and cards for the time being you can then go back an embellish when you have more time šŸ™‚ I love your 28 before 28 Challenge – you’re a very clever lady šŸ™‚

      1. Aww! Bless you! Thank you lovely (It’s killing me, but I am enjoying trying new crafts!) I think I will see what happens when I am done with it and see if I can catch up! Good idea with just slotting in the photo’s and then going back – you might just be on to something there!

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