May Project Life

Look at me popping in from my holidays to share my May Project Life spread! Scheduled posting is maybe one of the most useful blogging tools 🙂

may project life

So what did I get up to this month? Well the big event in May was my Mum’s 50th Birthday. We hosted a joint party for her and her BFF at my mum and dad’s house and it was such a lovely day! One of their friends very kindly offered to take some photos of the day and they are just so good that they needed their own spread!

may project life

I kept this spread really simple and let the pictures speak for themselves. The photos were taken by the lovely Jack from First Hand Photography so if you’re in the market for a top-notch photographer then definitely look her up!

may project life featuremay project life

I might go and embellish the title card a bit more now looking back. My shoddy images of the spreads really don’t do the pictures justice but that’s what happens when you take your photos in the middle of the night. Get it together Amy!

Now back to the main monthly spread…

may project life

I was actually worried I wouldn’t have enough photos to fill up the month but I was sorely mistaken. One of my best friends returned after 16 months of travelling on the other side of the world and I’m SO. HAPPY. The picture in the top right hand corner is us and our other bestie at her welcome home party. 20 years together and still going strong! This section also includes a little card about the General Election at the beginning of the month and I couldn’t let it pass without a cheeky selfie outside of the polling station. I think Ian is getting pretty tired of my incessant photo taking. Also featured is the lead up to our holiday where I was trying my best to eat right  and exercise more in the hope of shedding a few lbs. I find it quite difficult in the morning to eat a decent breakfast so when I found this combination of yoghurt, berries and Special K flakes to be delicious, I stuck with it for the whole month.

tick tock unlock project life card may

Also on this side is a card dedicated to having a go at Tick Tock Unlock which is an escape game in Glasgow. This was definitely one of my better ideas and we all had a blast escaping with 9 minutes to go!

may project life page 2

For the second side I took some of my own pictures at the party – mostly drunk selfies with my family which are infinitely flattering. My favourite photo of the weekend has to be one I took of my uncle (bottom left) holding up the whole pig which was roasted at the party! Always handy to have a butcher in the family.

may project life wood veneer family

I couldn’t not add in this photo of my brother, dad, mum and myself from the party. I think it may be the only complete family photo of us in existence! It’s also the perfect photo to use that wood veneer on which I’ve been hoarding for far too long!

Another ace month timely documented thanks for project life (I’m such a fanboy!) So what’s up for the month of June? Well you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be plenty of holiday snaps – especially ones of me being pale and interesting, hiding under a parasol #palepeopelproblems.


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